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Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan
Executive Summary
The whole process of classroom management entails the assessment of a learning
environment in a given institution of studies. It does set a tone or rather make a connection
between all the stakeholders in the education sector among them the teachers, parents, students,
and the physical environment from where learning processes take place. As such, a classroom
management plan is a comprehensive outline of the diverse methods and strategies that an
educator employs in order to maintain a learning environment, which is favorable for the
academic success of the students. With that, it is a given that an effective classroom management
plan should be student-centered. This implies that the pedagogical strategy the teachers use in
the delivery of their services to the students should have a common denominator, which is
making sure the students are comfortable in their classroom settings, and feels like they are in the
appropriate learning environment that allows them to excel in their academic work.
The creation of a favorable environment for learning among students is often dependent
on how the responsible teacher prepares a classroom setting. This is evident from the fact that a
student-centered curriculum does depend entirely on the interactions between the students with
all the factors involved in learning including the classroom setting and study materials, and most
importantly, their educators.
Primarily, an effective classroom management plan should put into consideration number
of factors that are of massive significance for successful learning among students. Some of the
most fundamental aspects of the plan are the classroom or seating arrangement; classroom rules
and regulations; classroom procedures and routines; student’s behavior management; the
delegation of classroom duties to students; and the assessment of regular understandability of the
students on academic matters, among others.

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This paper will work to critically, and comprehensively analyze the whole issue of
classroom management plan right away from the main components of the plan; its relevance to
both, the students and the teachers; the procedures of implementation of the plan; and how to get
the maximum results out of the plan for the primary good of the learners.
Part # 1: The Theory of Classroom Management
Many professionals in line with education have developed diverse theories that explain
the important features in classroom management. All theories aim at enhancing better studies
among the learners, especially, through the analysis of the general behavior of students in
relation to their classroom settings. As for me, I will base my classroom management plan on
principles of the infamous ‘Choice Theory’, which was developed by a great scholar Glasser.
(McLeod, 2003)
This theory does explain satisfactorily that all students in their diverse learning
institutions have the right to make their preferred choices. With that, the classroom management
plans that base largely on the principles of this theory works to bring all students to a timely
awareness of all their academic and social responsibilities in a classroom setting. This
consequently plays an enormous role in equipping the students with the courage and skill to
make their own personal and collective decisions on matters to do with their learning practices as
well as acceptable conduct or behavior in classroom settings.
The right to choice is among the fundamental entitlements to all humans, and students are
not exception. Given an opportunity to take part in the making of critical decisions of vital
matters affecting their learning processes, more so, within their classroom settings; students often
develop the sense of ownership of their learning process. They feel as being an important and
recognizable part of the process, whose presence feelings, and concerns are vital aspects of
consideration in the classroom management systems. As a result, they are bound to develop high
self-esteem and greater levels of self-confidence in their learning activities, a factor that

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