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Tree improvement

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Tree Improvement B.Sc 2 Year 1st semester nd r o s e y r t C e r u o F Forestry e-Course e s Some terms and definitions Additive genes A form of allelic interaction in which there is no dominance. The heterozygote is intermediate in phenotype between homozygotes for the alternative alleles. For multiple-gene traits, approximately equal contributions made by many loci. Allele One of several alternative forms of a gene occupying the same locus on a particular chromosome. Backward selection Selection of parent trees based on results from a progeny test. Breeding orchard (breeding seed orchard, breeding arboretum) A planting of selected trees, usually clonally propagated, designed to ease breeding work. Breeding population A group of individuals selected from a wild population for use in a breeding program. Usually phenotypically selected for desirable traits. In species with large natural ranges, there are usually several to many, more-or-less separate breeding populations, each designed to provide progeny suited to a particular geographic region Breeding value The genetic value of an individual determined by the mean value of its progeny. May be on the basis of individual traits or a selection index. Breeding zone An area within which a single population of improved trees can be planted without fear of mis-adaptation. Candidate tree A tree that has been tentatively selected for inclusion in a breeding program, but has not yet been measured or compared with surrounding ...
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