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A paper on Commentary on Women and Justice


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Running head: WOMEN AND JUSTICE 1
Commentary on Women and Justice

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Commentary on Women in justice
The justice institution is a punitive as well as a restorative system. It recognizes that
female offenders have special needs. It has created institutions for critically addressing their
issues. It focuses on punishing them for their crime and preparing them for integration into
the society after serving their term. Female offenders have various backgrounds. They have
varying reasons for involvement in a crime (Grana, 2010). They are also at different mental
states when committing crime. The penal code specifies the punitive measures, but critical
analysis of the behaviour should be done to ensure the punishment elicits the desired
Offences by women are mostly a reaction to oppressive circumstances. Women
offenders experience much of physical and psychological turmoil. They are the basic care
givers and carry a lot of emotional baggage to the correction centres. They have varying
disturbing histories such as drug abuse, domestic issues, mental illness, racial segregation and
sexual harassment. The circumstances surrounding each offence should be carefully
investigated. It lays the foundation for determining the corrective measures that will work for
a particular offender.
A program that addresses women’s mental, cultural, addictions, fears and family
needs is appropriate. It should be focus on the nature of offence they committed. The offence
describes the character of an inmate and it defines what program best suits them. The
background of an inmate also determines their treatment (Grana, 2010). It also defines the
length of time that their program should run. Women with similar backgrounds could be
grouped together for a common program. Large groups should be avoided because conflict
may arise among the inmates. This results in more harm. The prison staff should be
professional and able to establish good relationships with the inmates. There should be

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consistency in staffing because they become more familiar with the prisoners. This creates
trust and a better relationship. Women value relationships and this can be useful in the
process of reforming them (Grana, 2010). The programs should also focus on and individual.
Each person is unique and they will embrace change of behaviour if they feel that they are
well taken care. Various professionals are involved in this program. It is important to ensure
that they work together in unity to ensure holistic development of an individual. Women with
mental issues should receive proper psychiatric treatment and isolation to improve their
cognitive ability. The institutions should have the essential physical facilities to enhance
behaviour modification.
Various programs that work for different women have been mentioned. All women
require programs that restore dignity in their personalities and their place as mothers, wives,
friends and sisters (Grana, 2010). The women of aboriginal descent face racism. Their
program should enhance their place in the society and their pride among other races.
Programs for those who have committed murder vary with their background and reason for
crime. The sexual offenders go through therapy that focuses on personal management and the
victim’s perspective.
What I gained of personal value
People who engage in crime should not face discrimination by the society. They
should go through the punitive measures defined by the law. Their sentences should be fair
and based on the circumstances surrounding their actions. The justice system should ensure
that their term transforms them. It should assist in improving their relationship with the
society to enhance their reform. Second, People behave the way they do for unique reasons
and they have different needs. Investigations are crucial to determine what assistance should
be given to enhance personal development.

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