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A paper on Communication Conflict Zones


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Communication Conflict Zones
Communication Conflict Zones
This research paper covers a societal study about the conflict existing between drug
dealers, the society, and the police. These three groups of people in the community are always in
conflict due to the drugs involved. This case study explores the reasons why this violence occurs,
the consequences of these conflicts, as well as recommends a possible way of resolving these
conflicts eventually. This case study comes under the background of a high rate of drugs
consumption within the society. The community under consideration in this research paper is the
city of Texas. Texas City is the center of the state of Texas, one of the states of the United States
of America, and borders Mexico country by the west side. Mexico is a region full of drugs, and
most of these drugs find their way into the state of Texas (Cipher, Gehrt & Riley, 2010).
The main cause of these conflicts is drugs, and illegal drug business taking place in the
streets of Texas City. It involves the drugs dealers, in their own wars to consolidate their drug

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tuff or regions, the police and the drug warlords to rid off the city these drugs, and the public
against the drug dealers for procuring harmful substances to their young and innocent children.
These conflicts take place spontaneously and do not follow any laid down plan of action. They
simply erupt from nowhere, and as such, they are too difficult for the relevant authorities to
curtail and control. These conflicts lead to massive damages of property and spillage of blood. In
fact, some conflicts end with one or two victims succumbing to severe injuries or dying because
of bullet wounds. This war is hard for the Texas City authorities to control because it is
neighboring a country, which has kingpins of drugs dealers, who expand into the United States in
search for new markets, through its porous borders. These Mexicans carry their open warfare
traditions for drug tuff to the United States; hence, death becomes a common tragedy.
The expressed struggle in this situation is the battle for markets and trading grounds
between drug dealers, the community of Texas City, and the police department. The drug dealers
are at war with the police and the community because they want to continue their trade of selling
drugs to the youth, as well as, other drug addicts. The community is against the drug dealers
because they supply to their innocent children harmful substances that ruin their lives e.g. a
young boy high on crack becomes delinquent and walks out of school leaving behind his dreams
and future. Even those parents not directly involved with the activities of the drug business are
outraged against the drug dealers due to the rising insecurities within their neighborhoods, which
make it unsafe for them to carryout business activities, or even have a good nights’ sleep. On the
other hand, the police are also ganging with the public against these drug dealers in order to
eliminate them from the society, as well as, eradicate all drug activities within the city.
The society is angry and fighting against drug dealers because of the way these drug
traffickers are spoiling the lives of their young and able men and women in the community. Most
young men end up taking too many hard drugs to the extent that they lose focus in life. Some end

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up serving several years in jail for drug related activities. On the other hand, most of them are
members of one rehabilitation center or the other. Men feel a lot of pain watching their sons
become delinquents due to the scourge of drugs in the society. Women cry for their daughters
who can no longer become women due to the high intake of drugs they ingest during their
youthful years, which ends up destroying their reproductive systems. On the other hand, the
young men and women hooked to drugs and do not have a reliable source of income to procure
their drugs frequently, end up as petty thieves and gangsters in order to make money for the
drugs (Fisher, 2000).
The police are also against the drug dealers due to the conflicts that their business brings
to the community. In the first place, drugs such as heroin, cocaine and bhang, commonly
smuggled across the border from Mexico are illegal both for trade and consumption. As such, the
police search out for these drug peddlers to arrest them for conducting an illegal business. In
addition, the police also strives to wipe out the dark effects of the drugs within the society, such
as theft and delinquency among users, high rates of crime and violence, as well as, the adverse
health complication arising from the consumption of these drugs. In an attempt to clear the dirt
from the society, the police almost use violence in apprehending drug peddlers, as well as, plan
elaborate methods of capturing the drug kingpins responsible for supplying copious amounts of
drugs within the Texas community (Lewis, 1996).
On the other hand, the drug dealers are also in conflict with both the police and the
community. They are fighting for their trading rights forcefully in order to continue their
business. They engage in dangerous activities that put the society, or at least their target market,
and hold it at ransom such that they are afraid to give out drug dealers, or report small-time drug
peddlers within their society, some of whom are their own neighbors, parents, or sons and
daughters. These drug traffickers go the extent of spoiling the economy such that the entire

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