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Adding Your Work to OpenSea
OpenSea is one of, if not the largest marketplaces for Non-fungible Tokens. It’s also
one of the easiest places to set up and sell your work on. Here’s the steps for creating
an account and setting up your first NFT collection on OpenSea.
Before you can add your work, you need three things
1. Ether (ETH) - the currency you need to mint your NFT and pay the associated
2. Crypto Wallet what stores your ETH and processes the transactions on the
Ethereum blockchain.
3. account.
Let’s walk through the steps.
Step 1: Setting up your wallet
Go to and click the Wallet icon. Select the wallet you wish to you. For this
tutorial, we’re using MetaMask.
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Install MetaMask for your browser, iOS or Android device.
Click the Get Started button.
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Select to Create a Wallet and follow the prompts given, agreeing to their terms,
creating a password, seed phrase, etc.
Once you’ve gone through the setup phase, it should ask if you want to add funds to
your wallet. Simply click Add Funds and follow the steps to add the funds.
Step 2: Connect your Wallet to your OpenSea profile.
Now, you’ll go back to and click the Wallet icon again to connect it with
your profile. Follow any prompts given to complete that process.
Step 3: Complete your profile.
Your new account will be created and titled “unnamed” to start with. At this point, you
can customize your profile to include:
A username
Your bio
Your email address
A profile picture
A cover banner
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Step 4: Add your art to OpenSea
Now, it’s time to add your digital assets to your OpenSea account. Click Create in the
upper navigation inside OpenSea
If you’re going to be doing a collection of items like the CryptoPunks, you’ll want to
create a collection first. You’ll want to name and describe the collection as well as
upload an image that represents the collection.
Now create a new item & upload an image of it. As you can see, the item you are selling
can be an image, video, audio, or 3D model. You have a variety of file formats to
choose from. Do take note that the maximum file size for any item is 40MB.
Complete the rest of the required details for your item including:
Item name
A link to your website or where viewers can learn more about the item.
A description of the item
Complete the rest of the required details for your item including:
If this item belongs to a collection, you’ll have additional things to fill out including
properties, levels, stats and more. You’ll be able to choose whether to include
unlockable content and note whether the item is explicit and sensitive content
When you’ve filled in all the details, click Create.
Your listing is now created and ready to sell.
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