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ATI Peds proctored exam complete study guide(Graded
1. Parenting styles
ATI pediatrics proctored exam
Chapter 1: Family centered nursing care
-Dictatorial or authoritarian:
-Parents try to control the child’s behaviors and attitudes through
unquestioned rules and expectations
-Ex: The child is never allowed to watch television on school nights
-Parents exert little or no control over the child’s behaviors, and consult the
child when making decisions
-Ex: The child assists with deciding whether he will watch television
-Democratic or authoritative:
-Parents direct the child’s behavior by setting rules and explaining the reason
for each rule setting
-Ex: The child can watch television for 1 hr on school nights after
completing all of his homework and chores
-Parents negatively reinforce deviations form the rules
-Ex: The privilege is taken away but later reinstated based on new
Chapter 2: Physical assessment findings
Vital signs
-Usually vital signs are all high except for BP
-3 6 months 99.5
-1 year 99.9
-3 year 99.0
-5 years 98.6
-7 years 98.2
-9 11 years 98.1
-13 years 97.9
-Newborn 80 180/min
-1 weeks 3 months 80 220/min
-3 months 2 years 70 150/min
-2 10 years 60 110/min
-10 years and older 50 90/min
-Newborn 1year 30 35/min
-1 2 years 25 30/min
-2 6 years 21 25/min
-6 12 years 19 21/min
-12 years and older 16 19/min

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