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A detailed paper on Democracy in the United States


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Democracy in the United States
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Democracy in the United States
The book titled Democratic Government in the United States by Robert Love covers the
democratic principles applied by the United States government. The US government is among
the most democracy states in the entire world. As such, it implements democratic principles in its
structures of governance and thus works towards achievement of a democratic stature through all
its practices. The author explores the democratic structures of the US government, its systems of
governance as well as the electoral systems. As such, the respect of human rights, which forms
the cornerstone of democracy, formed the central components of the United States foreign policy
over many years. The author explores various aspects of democracy, especially the four main
elements that form up the concept of democracy (Love, 1989: P.92).
The democracy system of government consists of a political system used in selecting as
well as replacing government officials through elections that are fair as well as free. The
democratic government of the US, according to the author, carries out a four-year term
Source: Love, Robert. (Towata, New Jersey: Rowman And Littlefield Publishers, 1989).

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replacement of its political leaders through elections that are seen to the world as the most
democratic. In fact, most developing countries marred with corruption and twisting of the
electoral system in order to keep old leaders in office for a long time, learn from the United
States on ways of instilling democracy in their political systems and learn how to elect good
leaders through elections that are fair as well as free. This book also covers the second aspect of
democracy, which incorporates active participation of the citizens in the formulation of policies
and other structures of governance that affect their lives and well-being. This includes the active
participation of citizens in both the civic as well as political live of the citizens as part of the
The United States government upholds democracy in all manner of justice and rights as
expected of the governments in office. The United States works for the protection of human
rights foal la citizens. Human rights are all the fundamental rights that an individual is entailed to
by virtue of existence from the time of birth. These rights include equality, justice, equity,
fairness, freedom, and many others. The US through its systems of governance strives to ensure
that all her citizens gain access to their basic human rights and do not live in fear or oppression
of any kind. This may be based on race, color, ethnicity, tribe, social status, religion, political
affiliations, as well as gender groups. The government ensures that all people are treated equally
before the law, and no one is above the law, and the USA constitution. A good example of this
was when the sitting president at that time, President Clinton, faced trial at the courts of justice
answering charges of sexual harassment (Love, 1989: P.92).
In addition, the author also explores the way the government of the US upholds as well as
applies the rule of law within its governing structures as well as other systems of governance.
This is what makes the United States a democratic hub across the globe. The rule of law applies
to all people in the United States, not relenting their status, race, color, or any other concepts of
Source: Love, Robert. (Towata, New Jersey: Rowman And Littlefield Publishers, 1989).

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preferences of bias. There is no twisting of the law in order to favor others or to fix others. The
law is tight, and as such, the justice system through the judiciary in corporation with the law
enforcement agencies within the United States work at ensuring that the law remains supreme at
all costs. The laws and procedures of justice apply equally to all persons within the United
The above four main concepts cover the main theme of the author, in his explanation of
the democracy system, in the governing structure of the US. The author elaborates all concepts of
democracy that the US government explores, as well as establishes facts that prove of the
existence of democracy within the government. This is through a detailed outlook on the political
system as well as the electoral system of the country, in addition to the steps towards democracy
that the people of United States, in conjunction with their leaders in government took as they
walked towards democratic freedom and existence. All American citizens are now aware of all
their rights and privileges as outlined in the US constitution, a document that reins supreme
above all legal laws and structures on land (Love, 1989: P.92).
The author succeeds properly in establishing his purpose through elaboration of the
democracy systems in the US government. He elaborates what democracy is, as well as explains
the concepts of democracy as applied in the government through the provision of necessary
human rights, as well as upholding the privileges and rights of all American citizens in the
country. The author also explores the journeys taken to overcome constraints to democracy,
through the fights for independence, as well as other fights after independence, though not
involving fights and force, but entirely comprising of legal minds and wit. The author also
explores other journeys taken by independent bodies and groups to bring about justice and
democracy throughout al structures in the United States. These include movements by activist
fighting for particular rights and privileges of equality, such as the feminists’ movements, the
Source: Love, Robert. (Towata, New Jersey: Rowman And Littlefield Publishers, 1989).

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