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Special Issues With Vulnerable Adults And The Elderly

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Special Issues with Vulnerable Adults and the Elderly Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction ❖ We live in an aging society whereby the U.S. is experiencing a significant growth in the older population. ❖Vulnerable adults and the elderly in the society are often overlooked because of lack of awareness(Dong, Simon, Odwazny & Gorbien, 2008). ❖ Vulnerable adults can be defined as elderly persons and adults with vulnerabilities. ❖ Type of abuse that these population undergoes include neglect, physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and sexual assault. Physical Consequences of Cognitive Decline ❖ Cognitive decline among the elderly is causes by a number of factors. They include: dementia, depression, side effects of medications, delirium as a result of illnesses, and endocrine derangement (Blondell, 2000). ❖ Cognitive decline among the elderly results in memory loss. ❖ The physical consequences of cognitive decline include decreased motor skills and difficulty in handling familiar tasks. ❖ Repetitive behavior is another physical consequence whereby a person with cognitive decline easily forgets what they have done and repeat it again. Emotional consequences of Cognitive Decline ❖ Cognitive decline affects the cognitive abilities, especially the memory that deteriorate as a person advances in old age. This results in emotional consequences. ❖These consequences include depressive mood, stress, anxiety, ap ...
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