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Assignment Regulation For Nursing Practice Staff Development Meeting

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Nursing Practice Regulations Name Institution Differences in Nursing Association and Nursing Board • Nursing associations advocates for nursing practices, while the nursing board regulates nursing practices. • Nursing board members are appointed, while nursing association members register voluntarily. • Membership in the nursing board ends after four years, but nursing association membership is yearly. • The Nursing board issues licenses while the nursing association offers certification (Reneau et al., 2018). Members of Maryland Nursing Board • Maryland Nursing Board has 14 members as listed below: – Nine registered nurses – One advanced practice registered nurse – Two licensed practice nurses – Two consumers (Reneau et al., 2018) Becoming a Board Member • For one to be a board member, the following should be considered. • The person has to be appointed by the governor. • The person has to fill an Appointee Exemption Disclosure form • The State Ethics Committee should then review the form • The person should be exempted from employment State Regulation related to General Nurse Practice Scope • One of the regulations associated with the general nursing scope is Maryland Nursing Practice Act. • The regulation indicates the scope under which nurses should practice • It requires that nurses should have a license as the minimum requirement for practice • Besides, it indicates that nurses should work within their allowed scope Influenc ...
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