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Cjus701 week 6 china s criminal justice system

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CHINA’S CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM CJUS701 COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS NAME LIBERTY UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR DAVID OJO OCTOBER 3, 2021 COUNTRY ANALYSIS China, a sovereign nation, is also called the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It lies in East Asia and borders the Yellow Sea, Korea Bay, and China Sea on East and South (Yu et al., 2012). The Han are the largest ethnic group, accounting for 92% of China’s population (Yu et al., 2012). China is vast with 9,598,098 km sq and ranks the second-largest Asian state behind Rusia. The majority speak the Mandarin language, with several others speaking Hainen, Wu, Cantonese, Hokkien, Sichuan, and other dialects It has about 1.397 billion people and most populated country globally. China is the world’s second-largest economy with $6.988 trillion gross domestic product (GDP) (The World Bank, 2021) TRANSNATIONAL ISSUE • China considers failing states as instability areas that should be helped to enter the succeeding bracket • World’s prominent democracies like the United States are now concerned about China’s sudden global influence (World Bank Group, 2019) • China is willing and currently cooperating with other countries, especially in Africa for strategic interests • • It faces cross border disputes with India, Pakistan, and other states due to excess militarization Nuclear proliferation in the region and militarized boundary are other issues pitting China against the neighbors (International ...
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