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1. The Philippines is known for having countless talented artists that come from all walks
of life. One of the most famous Filipino artists is Napoleon Abueva and for the famous
Filipino artisans is Wynn Wynn Ong.
2. Napoleón Isabelo Veloso Abueva, popularly known as Napoleon Abueva, is
recognized not only as the Philippines’ National Artist for Sculpture but also as the
“Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture”.
Abueva took pride in using a very wide range of materials such as acacia, bamboo,
cement, coral, kamagong, marble, molave, and stainless steel among others. He maximized
and incorporated these to produce various kinds of artistic pieces. It should also be noted that
Guillermo Tolentino, the first National Artist for Sculpture, guided him during his college years.
Due to his exceptional skills that even up until now no one can even compare to, he
received the National Artist of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts award. He was also
hailed as the champion and the best entry awards for sculpture from 1951 to 1953 during the
concluded Art Association of the Philippines annual competition.
Abueva has made a great deal of masterpieces. Some of his most notable works
consist of the The Transfiguration (1979), UP Gateway (1967), and Nine Muses (1994),
Sunburst (1994) at the Peninsula Manila Hotel, among others. He also created the Sandugo
or Blood Compact shrine in Bohol, Tagbilaran City which marked the first international treaty
of friendship between the Philippines and Spain. In addition, he was also the one responsible
behind the death mask procedures for Ninoy Aquino, Fernando Poe Jr., and Cardinal Sin.
Meanwhile, Wynn Wynn Ong who was born in Burma then raised in Vienna and Manila
is one of the most renowned artisans in the Philippines to date. Due to the uniqueness of her
upbringing and the environments that she lived in, she was able to become a personality with
a clear-cut eye for aesthetics that led to her becoming an artisan. It has also helped that the
women in her family are fond of collecting gems, and jewelry, in general.
As a jeweler who does not conform to the usual styles seen in the market, Ong utilizes
different kinds of materials ranging from precious metals to even seashells. Because of the
rarity of her designs, the creations she has produced over the years are available in more than
80 countries all across the globe.
During the KaLIKHAsan Ball that marked Bantay Kalikasan’s 20th anniversary, Ong
was given the Earth Warrior Award for her “Sa Dagat at Bundok” collection.
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