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Computer Crime and its Impact.
What is Computer Crime?
Computer crime is a new Problem in our society therefore we must know that what computer
crime is. If we talk about computer crime we will refer to a crime which is conducted with the help
of a computer and a network is involved in it. As we refer to computer it can even be a small
computer device like mobile. And the network mainly used is an Internet connection because of its
availability and access. Computer crime includes acts in which you use a computer or a network to
harm someone else either by stealing data, plotting a virus, hacking someone’s computer etc.
Computer or cybercrime may include broader terms like hacking, copying of copyrighted material,
child grooming, stealing and misuse of Confidential/private information of someone else , making
a computer virus or a bug or a malware with a intention to plot at someone’s computer or a
network in order to gain a benefit or to take revenge or another cause which make you do such an
act is a computer crime. These are few types of computer crimes it is much more vast and
expanded term.
Now if we talk about computer crimes conducted earlier or have started at first are, using someone
else computer to scan or print what you want without consulting the owner or using someone else
internet connection to distribute false information or conduct a fraud with the help of a computer
or use false to information steal from someone else on the internet and use someone else internet
name etc. these are all type of old computer crime. Now a days computer crime or new computer
crime includes work like stealing some ones privacy, create a software or a tool to harm someone
else computer and put the virus or malware in order to harm him in any case, use someone else
email account to do mails eg to a mail to black mail someone etc.
Here we will discuss some details of the types of computer crime
Sending many mails to people in order to conduct commercial benefits.
A dishonest way to make someone to do a loss which could make a profit for you in any case e.g.
make a false webpage of a bank to retrieve information of account of someone.
Offensive contents:
Websites such as blogs publishing political, social or religious information which could be
suitable for one sect or creed but is harmful for the other. Such is the case of facebook.
Mail individual or a particular group and make offence on the base of age, sex, cast, religion etc.
These types of things are also done in chat rooms.
Malware and virus:
Creating tools to harm the computer of others.
Controlling computer of others stealing information and data or use it to conduct a crime etc.
Now we could use an example which could explain computer crime.
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Melissa virus was speeded on March 26, 1999 it was spreader through email it was just an
attachment it affect about 100,000 people throughout the world in the head it was written
important message from user and in the body here is the document you asked and don’t share with
any one. And when the user open the attachment Melissa virus come into his computer.
Effects of Computer Crime:
Now we will discuss effect of computer crime on our world. Due to computer crime there is loss
of billions of dollar annually. Computer crime is increasing every day and it is creating big losses
and company level and at individual level stock losses.
If we talk about computer crime it may be 15 $ at individual level but is very large at corporate
level it can rise up to 225 billion $ so loss due to computer crime can be vary between 15 $ to 225
billion $.
United States is leading in cyber-attacks throughout the world about 35 % (approximately) in total
of the whole world followed by South Korea 12 % of cyber-attacks of the whole world.
Hackers and cyber criminals reside or flourish in countries having few computer crime laws. From
these countries they can easily attach rich countries.
Due to increasing Computer crime throughout the world insurance companies are providing
insurance against computer crimes.
After an attach to a firm the firm losses its price of stock in the stock market by 1 % 5 %
therefore the companies suffer the loss at company level but the stock holders also bear the price
due to decrease in the stock price.
A company suffers losses due to computer crime when a hacker steals confidential information
and future plans of the company. And he simply sells the information to a competitor company
and they use the information to get benefits.
Wastage of time is another problem because many IT personals spend a lot of time on handling
harmful incidents which may be caused due to computer crimes. This time should be spend on the
development. And if the company is attacked by a computer criminal it would cost a lot and much
time is needed to recover from the loss.
One of the problem is that when a hacker enter in an organization and steals confidential
information form the company the people who entrust the company loses their confidence in the
company as the company may contains confidential information like credit cards of customers and
as the information is stolen the customer will not trust the company again and will move to
someone else who could protect their confidential information.
Computer crime reduces the productivity of a company as a company will take measure to reduce
cybercrime so there will be more password entering or other acts this will take time to do and
therefore will effect on the productivity.
Computer crime will increase the cost as to stop viruses and malware companies must buy strong
security software to reduce the chances of attacks from such attacks.
In some cases victim of the cybercrime not even know that he has been attacked. And the attacker
are so clever that they not even left a small clue to be detected.
When you use credit card at ha store the transitions are encrypted and sent to the internet and the
internet is available globally. Hackers are smart and they can decrypt the information in a few
There are few solutions to keep safe from computer crime and they could be a little help for the
attacks, antivirus and antispyware tools, firewalls, Cryptography. After theses cyber ethics and law
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