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Pregnancy is a start of new life in a womb of woman for 9 months.
For good child cognitive development and effective outcomes, it is crucial to estimate essential steps.
During this gestation period it is really needed to be concerned about mental health, nutritional balance,
micronutrients, macronutrients, quality and quantity of food.
1. Mental health
Mental health is most concern able factor for healthy pregnancy, stress and depression trigger
many unhealthy factors which can be fatal for both mother and baby.
2. Dietary concerns
General diets suggested for such ladies.
Mediterranean diet
DASH diet
Alternate Healthy Eating Index diet (AHEI)
How to avoid from NCP (nausea and vomiting in pregnancy)?
Things to be used
Things to be avoided
Such cereals should be avoided which are highly
processed because they are less in fiber content
and may aggravate constipation.
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