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Art history 1 Challenges unit 2 Sophia Course
Challenge 1
1. What does an archaeologist study?
The physical environment, culture, and interpersonal relationships of humans and their
What type of artwork is created by a process of cutting into a flat stone or wood surface?
Relief sculpture
2. Select the statement that is true about an image when it is rendered from a descriptive
point of view.
It is an approximate representation of a three-dimensional form on a flat two-dimensional
Imagine a cave painting of a bison where you can see a side profile of the body, but the head is
turned to face the viewer.
twisted perspective
3. Which two of the following terms DO NOT describe the construction of Stonehenge, or
the people who built it?
Hunter-gatherer, Corbelling
This technique, common in Mesopotamian art, is called a(n) .
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