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Internet Applications


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Internet Applications
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Internet Applications
With the advancements in the Information Technology and Communication (ICT)
systems throughout the world, internet applications have enormously advanced. The society,
especially the younger generation, has greatly embraced the diverse internet applications in
various ways. It is equally indisputable that the applications of internet services in various fields
of production among them mass communication, video broadcasting, medical services,
educational programs, and industrial production has played a huge role in enhancing efficiency
in service delivery. As a result, the majority of the world’s population, especially in the
developed and developing nations, adopted the internet as a platform from which to record
increased productivity.
The field of mass communication is one among the major beneficiaries of the internet
applications. Mass communication revolves around the conveyance of information from one
center, often a radio or television corporation, to the masses in different geographical locations.
Initially, many corporations used radio and television signals within their areas of coverage to
ensure the attainment of their goals. However, the advancements in the technological
applications in this field has enable the transmission of information from one communication
center to the general public via live streaming. It is possible for a person to access the
broadcasting programs of a given radio or television corporation from anywhere through the
internet. Many of caters of mass communication have developed comprehensive websites, from
where their followers can easily follow all their operations without much strains.
Moreover, mass communication across the world has advanced at both, the local and
international platforms. It is a given that the world’s leading media corporations such as the
CNN, BBC, and many more have their programs aired on the satellite. This implies that their
followers throughout the world can access all they need by just a simple connection on the

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internet. This is has definitely reduced the cost of broadcasting, as such corporations do not
necessarily need to construct strong boosters for their signals in different parts of the world, from
where they operate. Apparently, internet connections, as well as devices that support them have
become easily accessible and affordable throughout the world. The electrical electronic industry
has contributed massively to increased internet applications globally by designing and
developing numerous gadgets such as laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, ipads, and many
more, which support internet connectivity. With that, it is undeniably true that many people can
access radio and television broadcasts from any place, and at any time.
Internet applications have equally played a significant role in enhancing interaction
among the global population. The development of a number of social media platforms including
twitter, Facebook, Google talk, to-go, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Skype, and many others has made
the world a single and tiny village. This is because, millions of people have massive embraced
the use of social media as a platform for communication. With these applications, people from
throughout the world are able to freely interact, share opinions, engage in vital discussions, and
even participate in video conferencing without necessarily meeting one another on a physical
basis. These applications have also helped to enhance globalization, as people are able to interact
with one another beyond the religious, geographical, educational, cultural, racial, or ethnic
differences. This is undoubtedly a major development on the global relationships.
Internet applications have also played a role in enhancing business operations throughout
the world. This is evident from the fact that many production companies, factories, travel
agencies, business enterprises, and many other organizations in the world of business have
embrace the internet applications as a platform for advertisement. It is a known fact, that almost
every focused business in today’s world, commonly referred to as the digitalized society, has a
website. These websites are important aspects of business operations, as they often contain all

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