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Miami Heat


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Running head: MIAMI HEAT 1
Miami Heat

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I have always been interested in investigating the way law works in sports world,
especially when it comes to contacts. I notice that contracts are what make players do their best
in the field, since their rights are served and protected. Contracts between the players and the
teams are not only to protect both sides, but to address their responsibilities, as well. One of the
most known and successful basketball teams that have grabbed my attention is the Miami Heat.
This team has so many successes throughout the years. The way they are organized among their
peer teams makes it clear that the Miami Heat has something unique about the way they do their
business. In regards to my interest, I have contacted three different lawyers who work as sports
agents. I kept my search limited to the state of Florida since the team is from Miami.
Background of the Sports Organization
The Miami Heat is a basketball team from Miami, Florida. The team is a member of the
NBA and owned by billionaire Micky Arison who bought it in 1995. The General Manager is Pat
Riley, a position he has held since 2003. Riley had initially been brought in by the owner, Arison,
to be the head coach and team president. The current head coach of the Heats is Erik Spoelstra.
Miami Heat was originally found in 1988 as part of the expansion franchises. Since its inception,
the team has managed to win three championships, five conference titles and eleven division
titles. In its title winning seasons, 2012 and 2013 stand out as they did a treble in these two
consecutive years.
The managing general partner of Miami Heat, Micky Arison, has transferred his business
onus and success to the professional basketball team. It is worth noting that Arison spent his
early years learning the ropes of the cruise business. He grew from the sales department to being
the reservation manager. Arison was promoted to the position of passenger traffic VP in 1976 and

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later become the president in 1979. In a board vote in 1990, Arison was appointed to be Carnival
Corporation’s chairman. The infectious diligence of Arison has spread over to the Miami Heat
staff and team.
Other than the owner, the president of the franchise has helped in transforming Miami
Heat to one of NBAs elite franchises. Pat Riley’s stellar coaching career and NBA experience
have been fully utilized by the franchise to ensure success on and off the American Airlines
Arena. Long-term employees such as broadcaster Eric Reid have also helped in facilitating the
success through their experience and stability.
Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
The brand power of Miami Heat, especially after its improved performances from 2003,
has been one of its strengths. Its stellar image has worked a long way in facilitating attraction of
some of NBAs brightest talents. Players such as Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and
Shaquille O’Neil, have all graced the famous black, red and gold shirt. These players who are
considered superstars have also helped improve the image of the team. Miami Heat has gone
ahead to make custom game uniforms such as the “King James” (for LeBron) uniform worn in
2013-2014 season. To get these players under a contract in any NBA team demands for
assurances of on field success. Miami Heat has used its phenomenal development trajectory
since 2003 to convince these players to commit to the team through equally lucrative contracts.
The financial muscle of Miami heat is the other factor that has contributed towards its
success. With an estimated multimillion worth and backing from a $6 billion owner, the company
has adequate finance to outmuscle most NBA teams. Valued by Forbes at $625 million in 2013,
Miami Heat ranks sixth among NBAs most valuable teams. This financial stability and leniency
are essential in acquiring and paying the wages of the world class professionals in the team’s

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