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Negligent Suit


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Negligent Suit
Negligent Suit
A negligent suit in nursing refers to a legal procedure made against the nursing fraternity
or a specific health care institution for their acts of negligence that led to deterioration of the
health of the patients under their care, and may sometimes lead to death or improper recovery of
the patient. The negligence suit occurs after a patient undergoes treatment in a hospital and the
resulting effects worsen instead of improving majorly because of the negligence of the medical
practitioners who took care of them while at the hospital. A negligent suit results from doing
something that a reasonably prudent person would not do, or a situation whereby an individual
fails to perform their duties responsibly in a way that a reasonably prudent person would do,
under situations and circumstances similar to those shown by evidence (Burnard & Chapman,
A practicing nurse may face a number of negligent suits if they fail to perform their duties
reasonably. these negligent suits may also lead to substantial monetary lose on the part of the

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nurse, especially through the health care institution that they perform, when the concerned
patient sues them for negligence. An act of negligence should result in considerable damage in
order to be immaterial, and as such, warrant a claim and compensation from the offender. For
instance, a patient may end up very ill and even die because of the negligence of a nurse or
doctor attending to them, or have to lose a vital part of their body, which transforms their lives
completely due to such negligence. As such, the compensation that they receive from the claim
they make such negligent acts is what works to restore them back to their normal positions
before the occurrence of the negligent act (Guido, 2010).
A good example of a negligent act that took place in the medical field was the costly
negligence suit against Virginia Nursing Home that cost the health care institution a tune of US
$1.45 million in fines. This was after a man accused the nursing home to the Virginia Law courts
and won the case against the health care firm, whereby the jury ordered the hospital to pay the
estate of the man the said sum of money. This lawsuit began when this man, named Joseph
Roberts, suffered severe burns while undergoing medical care rehabilitation at the health center.
He suffered second degree, as well as, third degree burns when his sweatpants caught fire as he
was smoking a cigarette while unattended, seated on a wheelchair outside the nursing home. the
nursing staff found the plaintiff on the ground with his clothes on fire (Kerridge, Lowe &
Stewart, 2009).
As such, Robert accused the health care institution of negligence as they did not monitor
and care for him properly during his admission at the hospital, which if they did, he would not
have suffered these severe injuries. Because of the burns, Robert was admitted to the Intensive
Care Unit at the VCU Medical Center in Richmond, whereby he accumulated medical bills in
excess of US $ 600,000. This was also not helpful for his health as he later died when his body
succumbed to the burns. consequently, the negligent suit made against his former health care

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institution was valid as it contained all the aspects of a suit, which include an act of negligence,
an injury or damage because of the negligent act, extra costs or expenses resulting from the act,
and a compensation to cover the damages or injuries caused (Pozgar, 2013).
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