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Network survey


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Network Survey

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Network survey:
The ability to share information throughout the organization in a quick, reliable, efficient,
economical and effective manner is a major business need that every organization heavily invests
in. this has been achieved by the use of computer networks, as necessary device for
communication needs to be achieved. For effective communication in any business organization,
the organization needs to develop a network that lies in either of the two: this is the use of a
completely wired network or a wireless network. A completely wired network involves the use of
a system of computers connected together through a network cable while the wireless network
depends entirely on a system of radio frequencies used to connect computers. The wireless
network makes a more mobile network with a more enhanced accessibility. For a wireless
network to succeed, a more hardware component compared to the wired network is necessary.
For a successful network utility, there is need for a network interface card. This is
referred to as a network device that connects computers and other network devices to a network.
This has a chip and is usually placed in a slot. It handles the most physical and data linked layers
of a business’s network needs of communication ( For a steady internet
connection, a cable modem a router that is normally connected to two networks at least routes
data through the networks. It allows internet access to everybody within an organization .
( A hub or a switch follows this. Then a server printer if necessary attached to
the system to cater for printing needs of an organization in an economically viable manner that
saves costs.

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A wireless network depends entirely on the use of high-frequency radio waves. This kind
of network is vital for a business that wants to expand to different locations without
communication difficulties. The organization has to choose between the peer-to-peer wireless
network and ad-hoc networking. They both consist of a number of computers with an interface
card for direct communication. In this kind of network, the hub works as a base station. It
involves the use of the four basic transmission standards that 802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g.
These differ in connection speed and radio frequency. Due to the speeds of activity, the use of
either 802.11a or 802.11g is necessary for this kind of organization. These are all regulated by
the IEEE standards.
The uses of the Ethernet standards or the IEEE standards that are merely the same in
function but only differ in speed and cost of consumption and installation. The Ethernet is more
popular and with a well enhanced speed for organizations to easily work without delay despite
the work load it may carry (Deon, Steve & Dwin, 2004).
For a successful retail business working as a supermarket, there is need for the
application of this wireless network especially for one that intends to expand to different
locations in future. These need the use of Ethernet to cater for the load handled in a day on the
different networks. The cashiers, the administration, the back office and the directors all need to
use a powerful network to work. The directors can access their business from anywhere as long
as there is network enhancement while the internal employees need it for their operations to go
smoothly. The setup of a network as such with four cashiers needing computers with installed
selling services, the administration needing it for administrative purposes and the other
management staff is necessary to keep the network connected.

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