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Superintendent strategic plan and budget message 2020 21

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Superintendent’s Strategic Plan Priorities, Proposed Investment Plan and Budget Message for Portland Public Schools 2020-21 School Year Guadalupe Guerrero Superintendent of Public Schools DRAFT VERSION May 26, 2020 Superintendent’s Strategic Plan Priorities and Proposed Investment Plan for Portland Public Schools Portland Public Schools Senior Cabinet Guadalupe Guerrero, S ​ uperintendent Kregg Cuellar, Ed.D. D ​ eputy Superintendent Claire Hertz, ​Deputy Superintendent Stephanie Soden-Back, ​Executive Chief of Staff Liz Large, I​ nterim General Counsel Russell Brown, Psy.D., C ​ hief of System Performance Dani Ledezma, ​Senior Advisor to the Superintendent Luis Valentino, Ed.D., ​Chief Academic Officer Shawn Bird, Ed.D., C ​ hief of Schools Joe LaFountaine, ​Regional Superintendent Keeley Simpson, Ed.D., ​Regional Superintendent Esther Omogbehen, Ed.D. ​Regional Superintendent Brenda Martinek, C ​ hief of Student Support Services Jonathan Garcia, C ​ hief Engagement Officer Sharon Reese, C ​ hief Human Resources Officer Rosanne Powell, ​Senior Board Manager Don Wolff, ​Chief Technology Officer Dan Jung, ​Chief Operations Officer Cynthia Le, ​Chief Financial Officer Portland Public Schools Board of Education Amy Kohnstamm, ​Chair Rita Moore, Ph.D., ​Vice-Chair Julia Brim-Edwards, ​Director Scott Bailey, ​Director Michelle DePass, ​Director Eilidh Lowery, ​Director Andrew Scott, ​Director Maxine Latterell, ​Student ...
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