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Surname 1
Question One
In defining people, identities come to play. These identify their character, persona, race and
generally, how they carry their social and non-social aspects in public and individually. Defining
people's identity furthers on how they view themselves and how well they are viewed in the eyes
of others. There are people with a strong identity that reflects their heritage, their struggles in
building recognition, and their struggles in acceptance by the whole society. These are associated
with the black race that faced a line of difficulties in creating acceptance from their white
brothers. The aspect of racism continues to exist in the current world and has gained grounds
though the reduction in the way people portray it proves a decisive factor the world can
recognize and work with. The character of a black community was characterized with a number
of struggles and slavery inclusive. These are viewed as people who came to work on the farms as
slaves and not those that the white community needs to reckon with.
The identity one covers a source of social privilege and at the same time can prove to be a
disadvantage. It may also privilege another party and disadvantages another at the same time. In
the case Michael M. v Superior Court of Sonoma County, it looks at the statutory rape issues and
considers these only if they affect another woman rather than one’s wife. The male rather than

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Surname 2
the female enjoys the privileges that this case presents and the female is the victim of the
disadvantages here. The status in terms of sex and gender considers different aspects of the
genders. The case provides a difficult situation to the judges considering the fact that rape has
cropped into marriages and a woman is also raped in marriage not only by other people but by
the people that she might lay her trust in.
Therefore, identification can prove as a disadvantage at the same time as an advantage to
many in the community.
Question Two
Kimberly Crenshaw in her 1989 article brings out the relationship between sex, gender, sexual
orientation, race or ethnicity in relation to physical appearance. In the book “all the women are
white, and all the men are black but some of us are brave,” the author chose to develop a black
feminist criticism on the issues of identity. The piece of work relates to how racism and
discrimination are constructed by the dominant conceptions that are inherent in people. The
intersections of these aspects revealed by an understanding of the previous years of
marginalization of the black community and the efforts of freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela,
Martin Luther King among others. The development of privileges for the white community
seems to have complicated the whole aspect of togetherness. The result weighed in on the
treatment that occasioned on them (Kimberly 57).
In relation to Kwame Anthony Appiah’s article, the issue of racism examined in two
perspectives of races and racism proves many effects to the aspect of identity (Memmi 206).
Racist propositions and racist disposition are aspects that further show the origin of racism. He
reveals the extrinsic racism and intrinsic racism. Extrinsic racism holds on thought that racism is

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Surname 3
coherent to believe that races are significant in identifying and relate to moral aspects. The
intrinsic aspects show that racism is an innate character that is inborn. Relating these aspects
further shows that the perspective or race in relation to privileges enjoyed qualifies as a real
relation of how these aspects of identity intersect.
The definition of the black woman as the other part of humanity has elicited a number of
debates in the current consideration of character. The black women have grown up under looked
and disrespected based on the color of their skins and their cultural heritage. The disregard for
these women was associated with the social status and the African heritage until the development
of great black women like Oprah Winfrey led to the recognition of the potential of the black
women. It is with these kinds of identities that have seen black women amass and command
some respect with their identities (Trudier 77).
The intersection of the identities of the black community with their sex and gender
aspects creates a picture of racism that the world has fought to deal with for a long time now. The
relationship develops and still lingers in the area unless more efforts put in the relations. These
have developed an identity effect on the young generation that affects their esteem either
positively or negatively.
Question Three
Privilege refers to the right, advantage or even a particular benefit that one person or a group of
people enjoys and not for others. To the researcher, privilege is an influential character that
creates a distinction between treatment of people based on the kind of social category that they
fall under or even the level of state that they have in the society that they live. Privilege is
weighed by a number of factors inclusive of which are the position in social spheres, the kind of

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