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Evaluating Credibility of Information Sources

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Evaluating Credibility of Information Sources
Internet world is a source of any information that is in theory form, the credibility of the
information is usually in question when it comes to gathering research material. Here are some
guidelines I use to discern credible sources from a hoax.
With regards to the author’s information, I tend to view or investigate on the credentials,
qualifications and the degree to which the information impacts him/her as presented. An author
will normally publish or write information from a line of thought, in which he/she is familiar and
comfortable with, but there are individuals who tend to write on the subject matter that is not in
any way involved in their line of work or profession, thus any information published maybe
misleading (Mills).
A credible company always hires a credible writer/author to do their work. A writer
cannot be associated with a credible company, and he/she produces less than satisfactory work.
A good company hires competent writers. (Mills)
The currency of the information is also important. Outdated information may be
misleading or obsolete. Some information is correct for a given period or subject to some
constraint, which if removed nullifies the information. This mostly applies to information
regarding medical, historical or mathematical facts, new technology or innovation will easy
nullify previous information thought/known to be true.

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Different ways of crediting information are all abuzz, my means of evaluating the
credibility of information should be accepted if drawn in comparison to professional standards.
For instance, Wolfgram video for evaluating websites, observe similar tactics.
Mills, Anice. Evaluating the Credibility of Your Sources. 28 January 2014

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