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Running Head: SELF- MONITOR 1
1. Observation and Description
describe one observed procedure for how students self-monitor and self-report
performance on classroom assignments.
The best procedure used by students to conduct their self-monitor and self-report performance
include listing down in a given table their areas of weaknesses, or areas that they require to
improve by upgrading or putting in more efforts. Then the students, especially on the self-
monitor grade, go through a question and answer session whereby they answer what comes first
to their minds about their performance in school. As for self-reports performance during
assignments issued in the classroom, the best way is to incorporate their studies with a study grid
which measures their improvements on a daily score or basis(Lerner & Millon, 2003).
Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning
Analyze the level of student engagement with an observed procedure for student self-

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monitoring and self-reporting of performance on classroom assignments.
The level of student engagement during an observed procedure for student self-reporting and
self-monitoring on their performance in classroom assignments was much higher compared to
the way when they only performed these exercises on their own. Because of an extra eye to
watch over and observe their practices in undertaking their self-monitoring tests, these students
tried to be more serious and attentive to what they were doing. Furthermore, they showed a high
level of concentration in these activities, which eventually led to the generation of quality as
well as reliable results (Machumu, 2011).
Connections to Other Effective Teaching Practices
Assess the effectiveness of the observed teacher’s interactions with the student self-
monitoring and self-reporting procedures.
Teachers interacting with students during their self-monitoring and self-reporting procedures
improved the quality of these activities. The students paid more attention to what they were
doing and even consulted their teachers for assistance. This enabled them to deduce workable
results that were reliable and effective. Teachers also assisted the students where they had trouble
during these procedures, and this enabled them to come out with better results on their self-
monitoring and self-reporting procedures. As such, the connection with teachers during these
procedures yielded exemplary results during (Lerner & Millon, 2003).
a. Assess the effectiveness of an observed procedure for student self-monitoring and self-
reporting of performance on classroom assignments.
An observed procedure of self-monitoring and self-reporting of performance on classroom
performance is very effective because the students pay more attention to what they are doing.
The procedure is usually more intensive in the presence of an external observer as the students

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get to participate more keenly and attentively in the procedures. Furthermore, they get to request
assistance from their observers on areas where they have trouble when undertaking the
procedures. Consequently, the observed procedure is more effective and efficient as compared to
a procedure performed independently without the observation (Machumu, 2011).
b. Explain the thinking process you went through to complete this evaluation.
The thinking process is very critical and intensive as well. Students have to wrack their brains in
order to come up with the right answers to the questions that they encounter during these self-
monitoring and self-reporting assessments on their classroom assignments. A student has to
outthink the normal processes of thinking and come up with cognitive answers to the questions
posed during the self-assessment test. Furthermore, the thinking process requires more cognitive
concentration in order to elucidate workable results for the improvements of the students
learning and performance while at school (Lerner & Millon, 2003).
a. Describe an alternative procedure for student self-monitoring and self-reporting of
performance on classroom assignments.
An alternative procedure that students can use in self-monitoring and self-reporting is on their
classroom performance is that whereby they go through tests and experiments to evaluate each
level of their performance. The students can create a standard grid, or table which they evaluate
their performance according to the standards pre-set on the given grid. This will also require
strict adherence to the set rules in order to eliminate bias or favoritism especially in cases
whereby there are no observers or teachers to monitor the entire process (Machumu, 2011).
b. Justify your choices of recommendations.
This procedure is the best alternative because these students can monitor their performance from
anywhere, not necessarily at school. In addition, they get immediate results on a constant basis
which enables them monitor their progress as well as plan for further improvements in their areas

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