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Makings of the Most Successful Companies


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Makings of the Most Successful Companies
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Makings of the Most Successful Companies
All over the world there are millions of successful companies and most of these companies are
projects of people who started with simple idea. Gradually these entrepreneurs have built
emperors that are sort after the world over, magazines and social media are flood with buzz
about these pacesetter business giants. Let consider the Fortune Magazine that has recently
released a poll that highlights the best hundred companies to work for. Here are three companies
that have featured on that list and the reason why they are among the best in their respective line
of work.
The company at the number one slot is the search engine giant Google. The company is
most familiar with any person who has access to internet services. The success of Google is
found in the management of the company, honest and ethical mannerism has elevated Google at
the top of the list. Google strives in its effort of giving back to the community for example the
company’s achievements of bettering communication technology and donations to the needy,
this element has earned Google a great many admire (staff, GOOGLE, INC.)s.
Google is worth more than forty billion United States dollars, owning the YouTube
and the recent Android operating system. The company single handedly revolutionized the world
of online advertizing and marketing. Google has a huge workforce of over forty thousand people
the world over. The company’s ability to focus on continued innovation and new idea helps the
company expand rapidly every day (staff, GOOGLE, INC.).
Most of Google employees owe their work satisfaction to the benefits award to them,
these benefit are meet to build team work among employees and ensure they are able to work

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around at all times, since most of the things they require are provided with the establishment of
the company or ready available for the employees (staff, GOOGLE, INC.).
Hold head high at number two is the company SAS, which assists other companies in
managing large bulks of data, they store the data in specialized software designed specifically for
this purpose. The management of SAS founder Jim Goodnight and others has guaranteed the
overwhelming success of the company. Employees are treated with respect and their voices are
heard. The company’s head office is set on a luxurious nine hundred acres of land in Northern
Carolina, where approximately fourteen thousand employees work. The company has even taken
the step of hiring a social worker to monitor and assist in aiding employees facing hardships at
home such as educating several children (staff, SAS).
The workforce at the company confesses that SAS employees work as a cohesive unit
that helps out needy employees. The company has taken initiatives in helping the community be
commissioning programs that are aimed at assisting the unemployed in society. Almost the entire
SAS work reported to researchers that they are happy to go to work every day and they look
forward to continue working there in future (staff, SAS). The overall notion by the employees on
management is that the role played by management is fair.
Third on Fortune magazine’s one hundred best companies to work for is Boston
Consulting Group. The company offers consultancy services to other companies in need of
expert opinion. The company is a global leader in consultancy service with a great workforce.
Employees say they are most happy working for the company. The title of consultant comes with
ridiculous benefits that from tuition payment to home loans for new employees.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.