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Sociology of Religion


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Sociology of Religion

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Sociology of religion refers to the study of the organizational structure of religion in the
context of sociology. This study entails the application of the tenets of sociology in the
understanding of the practice of religion in detail. There is employment of both the qualitative
and quantitative methods in the acquisition and collection of data. These include the interviewing
of the subjects and use of documentary materials available in the archives.
Christiano, Peter, and William (56) assert that the sociological aspect in religion is
manifest in the manner in which faithful act and behavior in the course of worshipping and
praising God. This study explores the changing role in the public domain, and in the personal
relationships of people. Sociology of religion entails the exposition of the existence of many
religious denominations, the correlation between the media and the cultural practices, and
religion. Moreover, this subject reveals the relationship between the sex, gender, race, and
religion. In this regard sociology of religion plays a critical role in giving guidance to the society
with regard to the social malpractices like euthanasia, abortion and gay marriages. Religious
beliefs affect the society in many ways, which are covered by sociology of religion. Furthermore,
the reaction of the faithful, to the environment around them is subject to the sociological aspect.
Cipriani (49) asserts that religion guides the perception of people on the environment around also dictates the social initiatives based upon the values and morals of the people. It is
through this correlation that people understand the proper meaning of their existence on planet
Earth. The social aspect of the subject of religion is the organizational structure and design
whereby people converge to fellowship and socialize.
This study of Sociology of religion also covers the consistence and persistence of people
in their faith in the Almighty God. Decisions made by a person are dependent on religious belief.

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The contrary is impossible because a decision must be based upon a religious belief and reason,
which apparently must involve past events or some internal or external aspect. According to
Furseth and P°al (28),a human being and behavior is influenced by religion hence incorporation
of this aspect is to be applied in determining the human behavior. Although hope has weaknesses
it is apparent that it applies in human behavior. The aspect of moral accountability does not augur
well with the hope given that the hope phenomenon holds that a human being’s decision making
is subject to religion. This owes to the fact that human beings can freely decide and make
informed decisions based on their religious beliefs in a given scenario. Religion deals with
thoughts and spiritual aspects. In addition, this aspect partly entails rituals and other sacred
practices like tithing. In addition, it involves various rituals which signify the faith of a person in
God. This aspect lays more emphasis in the voice of reason rather than sacred rituals. Lundskow
(27) posits that religion entails Hope in God and provides answers with regard to the creation and
human kind origin. These answers are usually considered the gospel truth because there is no
basis of countering them. Religion evokes questions difficult to answer. Religion and knowledge
studied and shared among the scholars is carnal in nature. Moreover, sociology of religion
encompasses religious knowledge of the spiritual matters and it emanates from a supreme being,
god almighty. Therefore, religion answers to the critical questions of nature. Religion
differentiates between holiness and profanity. Christiano, Peter, and William (26) assert that
religion is subject to a comprehensive exploration in search of facts and traces every aspect to the
Biblical truths.
Religion being a belief in Jesus Christ as the messiah and provider, many people put into
practice their faith in God. They agree that Christ is Lord of all creation and is the savior of
human kind. However, there is no relationship between religion, metaphysics and the

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