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Design Your Life

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Chapter 8 Design Your Life 1 Sulaiman Al-Sakran - 201000494 Ali Al-Hammadah Khlil AL-Subai -201002463 Outline 2 Fate or Freedom: Which Do You Choose? Recognizing the Dual Logic of Experience Facing Contradictions and Inconsistencies Social Forces, the Mass Media, and Our Experience Reading Backwards Implications for the Design of Your Life ?Fate or Freedom: Which Do You Choose 3 Many people talk as if their lives are Pre- Determined. If you think that your life as pre-determined then you LOSE any chance of controlling it. The Very Idea of Freedom 4 The Idea of designing one’s life is a product of two insights:  There is a difference between life as it’s typically lived, and life as it might be lived  By deliberately changing our thinking, we can live in a manner closer to our ideal than if we uncritically allow our thinking to be shaped by the forces acting on us …Continued 5  In the life of a critical thinker, active learning is a tool for continually bridging the gap between what is and what could be.  Critical thinkers are lifelong learners and take charge of their experience, learning, and behavior that defines their lives.  Lifelong learners design their lives by becoming clear as to what their goals, problems, and options are. Thinking is the key to all knowledge 6 Organized by thinking Discovered by thinking Learned by thinking Synthesized by thinking Explained by thinking Illustrated by thinkin ...
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