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Stakeholder Analysis


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Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholder Analysis
The United States suffers massive losses from the use and consumption of illegal drugs.
These illegal drugs include hard narcotics such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. The use, as
well as, consumption of these illegal drugs in the streets of United States causes a lot of havoc
escalating into billions of dollars. These calamities arising from excessive consumption and use
of illegal drugs in the country leads to unnecessary deaths, brain drain, as well as, intellectual
damage resulting from abusing these drugs for a long time, and heightened insecurity within
areas where use, consumption, and sale of these drugs takes place. The effects of these drugs on
both the society, as well as, the economy of the United States is very is very damaging. For
instance, statistics provide nearly ten people die on a weekly basis in the United States because
of drugs or because of drug related activities (Manski, Pepper & Petrie, 2001).
The Washington Post covered an article on the use of these drugs on the streets of the
United States. This special report covered the new face of the drug problem within Washington

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area. This new face represents a young, fearless and angry face. Incidentally, most of the users of
these drugs, as well as, those experiencing drug problems, nowadays are the young folks within
the community. These youngsters begin abusing drugs from as early as their fourth grade. The
Washington Post covered this issue to explore the changing patterns of drug addiction in the
United States, and especially in Washington DC, as well as the changing treatment procedures in
the region. These defiant youngsters begin abusing drugs at a very early age because of their
poor upbringing, which leads to ineptitudes, as well as, deviancy among all the children.
However, the article outlines that the administration of the city came up with new
measures to combat the scourge, which include holding discussions about the local drug
problems on an online platform. This platform enables a drug addict or illegal drugs users to seek
help from a family therapist or a substance abuse counselor, which is a great improvement from
the former means of treating drug addictions that required a face-to-face encounter between a
drug addict and a family therapist. On the other hand, the Newsweek blog also posted n article
dealing with emerging drug issues in the United States. This magazine covers the issue about the
never-ending war on drugs, particularly the shifts taken on drug wars by the United States owing
to the change of moves by narcotraffickers into new frontiers (Manski, Pepper & Petrie, 2001).
This article focuses on Columbia, a country that nearly crashed to become a failed state
owing to the heightened narcotrafficking activities undertaken within its borders. In addition, the
long running insurgency by guerrilla groups also worked against the political stability of the
country. The article reports on the numerous efforts put in by concerned stakeholders to bring the
country back to its feet, such as the support from the United States through its monetary
donations and grants, as well as, military support. This is evident through the reduction in coca
production within the country by forty percent in the year 2000 going forwards. Newsweek
reports that the support rendered to the country from external alliances such as the United States

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and Canada helped immensely to shape the radical state of Columbia from a drug-torn/war torn
country, to a peaceful nation able to take on developmental procedures.
The current situation of drugs in the United States is very worrying because there are too
many illegal drugs circulating within the society. These include all the illegal narcotrafficking
deals as well as the legal or licensed drugs for consumption such as alcohols. Many people in the
United States, both young and old take part in abuse of these drugs. For instance, there are no
special occasions in the United States, such as weddings, celebrations, get-togethers, and home
parties that go down without the use of alcohols or alcohol related drinks such as wines and
spirits. In addition, these parties also introduce the young ones into the world of drug use and
drug abuse, since at an early age they come across these drugs, either at their homes, or at the
parties and gatherings that they attend with their parents (Manski, Pepper & Petrie, 2001).
The assumption about these drugs is that their usage is not devastating. Most occasional
drug users usually claim that the drugs they use do not have any strong effect on them, or in their
brain. As such, they continue to use these drugs incessantly because they feel in control of their
actions. However, this is completely wrong because all drugs affect the body of a human being in
one way or another, and in most circumstances, negatively. These negative effects take an all
round shape with effects on health, career, interpersonal relations, as well as, economic stability
experienced. Another r assumption is that these drugs do not have any economic effects on the
life of the individuals. This is very wrong because drugs lead to the highest consumption of an
individual’s income, especially that of an addict, because he or she will prioritize their drugs to
other important necessities in life such as food, clothing, shelter, or education and career
The most plausible argument about the illegal drug usage in the United States is the fact
that teens consume more drugs than adults do. The rate of alcohol consumption among the
teenagers is much more compared to that of adults. For instance, a teenager can drink up to four

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