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Running head: SUGAR ADDICTION 1

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This research will establish the effects of sugar addiction on health and remedies to the
side-effects of addiction of sugar usage. In addition, this research will give way to the collection
and analysis of data from appropriate sources in order to answer the research problem. Sugar
negatively affects the health of a person.
The research will employ surveying in the study because this will eliminate the need to
do experiments on the variables of concern. This research design is appropriate given that it
allows the use of qualitative analysis of variables. Therefore, there is no need for the use of
experiments. This methodology will enhance the collection of relevant data from sampled items.
There will be use of statistical analysis of the variables in order to establish the relationship
existing between the variables with regard to health and economy. In addition, qualitative data
will be obtained and subjected to the statistical analysis in order to give more detailed inference.
The qualitative data will include both primary and secondary data. The research will carry out in-
depth interviewing with professional from all regions under consideration. This implies that the
study will be comprehensive because it will cover many issues concerning the effects of sugar
addiction. The professionals involved will provide the current sugar addiction scenario on health.
Then they will be required to explain in detail the relationship sugar addiction and health. They
will also explain the impact of changing of any of the variables under consideration, on an
economy. The research study will be crucial because it will give an insight on the effects of sugar
addiction and possible remedies .The regions that will be subject to the study are ones prevalent
in sugar related disorders.
The determination of the effects of sugar addiction on health and economy will aid in the
identification of remedies. This will save research time by a great margin. These regions will
help in the determination of the real effects of sugar addiction This study will also highlight the

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correlation between the three variables with regard to economic growth and will
also show how the dependent and independent variables of the study affect the economy. This in
essence will establish the significance of each variable to an economy. The study will also help in
setting remedial measures for sugar addiction for the foreseeable future. Data will be obtained
for tracing the causes of sugar addiction which affects health and economic growth and
development by extension. This data will help in addressing the negative effects of sugar
addiction. The data will also be used to give a clue as to whether the regions being studied have
been subjected to though and comprehensive research with regard to sugar addiction.
Furthermore the data will provide reliable information concerning the prevalence of the effects of
sugar addiction. There will be need to ensure that the participants of the study are not affected by
asthma and pneumonia because sugar addiction exacerbates the situation.
There will be collection of both primary and secondary data. The former will highlight
the current state of these sectors, whereas the latter will provide information on the sugar
addiction effects over time. According to Gearhardt, Roberts, and Ashe (2008) the data collection
will focus on the various effects of the sugar addiction like the diabetes, cardiac problems, and
subsequent impact on performance of economic variables. On the other hand, withdrawal
symptoms, which are determined by the independent variables, will be considered dependent
variables. The interview will dictate the data collection method to be used .The relationship
between the sugar addiction, health and, economic growth will be established.
On the other hand, secondary data will be obtained from research documentaries and articles of
international bodies like the world health organization .Past research on the subject can also be
utilized to provide this data. The interviewees will be experts from the various regions thus they
will be identified in advance. Then they will be informed and requested to participate in the

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