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was the Quran written by a man?

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Preface Banks are financial institutions that perform a very important function in the economy. In the words of R.R. Paul, a bank is an institution which deals with money and credit. Banks can be classified into many types on the basis of their functions, ownership etc. The central bank of a country is the most authoritative bank of all banks. This bank observes and controls the monetary and credit system of the country. Commercial banks are those banks that perform all kinds of banking business. Examples may be, BRAC Bank Ltd., South East Bank Ltd, One bank etc. Industrial Banks are also termed as Investment banks. They meet the financial needs of the industries, generally medium term and long term. Examples of such kinds of banks may be BSRS - Bangladesh Shilpo Rin Sangstha. Agricultural Banks meet the financial needs in the agriculture sector of a country. Examples of this kind can be: Grameen Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank. For economic development of any country standard maintenance of banking industry is important. Financial condition is strongly depends on Banks. BRAC Bank is a scheduled commercial bank established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public company limited by shares on 20 May 1999 under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh. The primary objective of the bank is to carry on all kinds of banking businesses. The Bank could not start its operations till 3 June, 2001 since the activity of the Bank was suspended by the High Court of Ba ...
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