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The American Dream


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The American Dream
The American Dream refers to a place where life should be better, and greater as well,
making opportunities available and accessible to everyone depending on their skills and
knowledge in the United States of America. It is as well protected by the declaration of
Independence and hence ensures that every citizen is protected as far as achievement of full
potential is concerned therefore promoting national development.
The American dream has been produced in various films. One of them tries to explain the
relationship between money, debts and banking where one of the actors loses his home and best
dog to the banks .Another one explains how the dream is only aimed at benefiting the rich
,leaving the poor and middle class behind with no equal opportunities. The films also show how
the federal banking system, instead of bringing you closer to you dream, it rather pushes you
away further and further.
The American Dream has resulted to every citizen believing that regardless of their status
pursue their great passion and above all that every citizen is has a right to be heard ,equality and
freedom .However, the popular dream has shaped the American dream in several ways. The
popular dream being, getting good education, living in a great suburb, driving flashy cars as well
as getting good jobs. This in turn has resulted to shaping of the American dream in that, you have
access to all the opportunities to enhance maximization of skills and knowledge, As well as

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access to health care, retirement benefits and banking services .The ambitions and popular
dreams of the citizen played a big role in shaping the American dream.
Several media houses have tried portraying the dream as just a dream and not a reality.
They are advocating for a more realistic approach to issues unlike in the American dream. 5
years since the worldwide crisis and there is still low economic growth. Unemployment is at an
all-time high causing great inequalities in wealth distribution. The economy has been healing,
and outperformed many others around the world. However the healing process has been slow.
To make matters worse, the economy is being held back by congressional politics rather
than by complex problems. The result is that initiatives taht may have had significant economic
benefits have been rejected by congress.
The American dream has resulted to violence in that everyone wants a good life but not
everyone can afford or is in a position to, this has led to the emergence of social vices for
instance. corruption so as to be able to earn an extra shilling as well as robbery which has
resulted to high levels of insecurity, drug trafficking as well as human trafficking which are very
lucrative businesses but illegal. More over failure to achieve the dream can result to
psychological effects such as depression, stress, as well as health problems which in turn affect
an individual, family and the economy at large since it reduces productivity. The depression and
stress sometimes results to physical abuse for example, a husband becomes abusive to his wife
and children.
The marginalized people refer to social exclusion of people based on their social status,
disability, linguistics. In reference to the American dream, the poor have been marginalized since
you cannot save, given the harsh economic conditions. The poor always have debts everywhere

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and saving becomes a major challenge due to lack or little of credit history or being under
banked, limits their access to loans. Moreover, Racism has also played a big role since blacks are
taken to be an inferior species and the whites are given priority everywhere especially in job
Politics has had a very big impact on the American dream in various ways. The dream
was initially born out of lack and genuine need for security. However the concept has been
changed and gained the marketing approach unlike its original cause and this has been
encouraged by the government. It has been used by politicians to get more votes and as well
targeting to help a certain class of people in society.
The Democratic party on the one hand supports labor unions and union contracts that
provide for big wage increases for the common worker so that they can achieve a piece of The
American Dream. In so doing, they guarantee work and wages for people who are not
necessarily that productive, at the expense of everyone else. On the other hand, the Republican
Party believes philosophically in the free enterprise system. Their vision is to have an economic
system that rewards primarily people who are successful, which means mostly wealthy people, at
the expense of everyone else. Hence, the special interest groups who contribute to their election
campaigns are trying to achieve the political version of the American Dream for their
constituencies at the expense of everyone else. Politics has made it impossible to achieve the
Education was one way of achieving the American dream whereby you went to college,

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