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Home of Pastries Mamburao Occidental Mindoro Gab Alonzo Cris Aries Vena Reyes I. INTRODUCTION Name of Business This business was named after the proponents’ initials and their desire to build a sweet pastry shop. And it was named, Sweet’ ARA Home of Pastries, who offers delicious and fine pastries that will be serve quickly in a distinctive and entertaining environment. This business will offer homemade pastry products such as cookies and bread with varieties of flavors. Thus, it is expected to add flavor or offer more baked products, especially cakes as this business grow completely. Business Location The business will be located at Brgy. Payompon, Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro. Mamburao is considered as capital of Occidental Mindoro, thus, it is partially residential area. It is located near Occidental Mindoro National High School Campus. Nature of the Business Sweet’ ARA will start as a start-up pastry retail establishment that will sell freshly baked pastry products. What makes this business differ from the other in the target market is that, unlike other baked products, Sweet’ ARA pastries will sell baked products that is new in the target market keeping it in affordable state. Sweet’ ARA will offer varieties of pastries with different flavor such as chocolate, vanilla, cheese and many more. What will make this business stand out in the baked good industry is our drive to let the customers be inspired through their own design creations (presentation of p ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.