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JANKINS TECHS RECOMMENDATION REPORT Abigale Williams College of Business, Florida Atlantic University GEB 3213: Introduction to Business Communication Dr. S. M. Nielsen December 31, 2021 1 INTRODUCTION • Janklins Techs Inc., situated in Abe Beach, Florida. • It is an e-commerce retailing venture and was established in 2009. • Janklins Techs Inc. did not make its first profit until 2016. • The company has been making profits since then. • It changed its working strategies and developed new goals. • For example, it changed its physical location. • The company needs ro changed its leadership as well. • The criteria used for moving are: ➢ Low tax sales ➢ Technological innovations and, ➢ Abundance talent. 2 SOURCE INFO • The research was compiled using data from demographic and statistical websites. • The websites include; • A study on State Tax Rates conducted in 2020 and WalletHub studies. • Tax reforms were analyzed using research by Miller conducted on 2019. • The Search keyword approach was built around three metrics: ✓“Entrepreneurship," ✓“Younger generation," "skilled workforce," ✓“State tax revenues, to name a few. • The researcher used no language limitations. 3 REASONS FOR RELOCATING A BUSINESS TO A NEW LOCATION • The company relocates to maintain its competitiveness in the market. • It relocates to access new markets and achieve its goals • Janklin Tech seeks to attract prospective clients and potential ...
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