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Chemical Engineering
Odessa College
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As the new Industrial Hygienist for a manufacturing facility, you have been asked to review several areas where there seem to be potential issues of health concerns. The following scenarios will guide you. You will need to refer to the Lessons for guidance. There are videos to help you work the problems as well. Part I: Duration – Calculation of Time-Weighted Averages Calculate the 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of worker exposure based on the information provided below. (6 points) In the facility, there are a group of workers that paint and coat parts. In the paint and coating department the process uses a chemical called calcium sulphate. An air monitor has been set up to collect contaminant concentrations during an 8-hour work period. Perform the calculations identified below from the samples collected and the exposure concentrations, to determine the TLV-TWA average exposure for the 40-hour workweek. Show your work neatly and clearly in a manner like the examples provided in Lesson 1 (i.e., write the formula, define each variable in the formula, show steps of your calculations). This will help you in the future if you must go back and check your work. Compound: Calcium sulfate (PEL-TWA = 15 mg/m3 (total), 5 mg/m3 (resp), TLV-TWA = 10 mg/m3) Time Period Period Duration (T) Contaminant Concentration (C) 1 0.5 hr. 12 mg/m3 6.0 2 0.5 hr. 9 mg/m3 4.5 3 0.5 hr. 16 mg/m3 8.0 4 0.5 hr. 7 mg/m3 3.5 5 0.5 hr. 5 mg/m3 2 ...
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