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RES 341 Week 3 Individual Assignment Survey Paper.




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Survey Paper 1
Survey Paper

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Survey Paper 2
What can be done to increase auto sales? Creating a survey in which the researcher asks
consumers what their “likes and dislikes” is a step in the right direction. Asking consumers about
their past, present, or future auto purchasing experiences will give a better insight on consumers
in their respective age and income group. Each question will reveal something that is relevant to
car buying experience and what is likely to draw customers in or back to purchase vehicles. The
survey questions should apply ethical implications while distributing the survey questions.
Surveys are created to gather information about a particular subject, and to use the
information gathered to generate solutions to problems. The survey provided sole purpose is to
get a better understanding of consumers in order to increase auto sales. Declining auto sales has
become a problem in our economy, not only because of job loss, but because of high priced cars
that people are not viewing as a necessity anymore, but as a detriment to their way of living.
With a failing economy more and more people are sold on the fact to buy more affordable cars to
fit their new budgets. Gas is a factor that many auto consumers take in consideration; for
instance, “is this car gas efficient?” is a question that an auto consumer might ask themselves
before making a purchase.
Questioning consumers about their past, present, and what they hope their future auto
purchasing experience(s) will hold, are appropriate for researching “what can be done to increase
auto sales?” which is a viable part of our economy. When one purchases a car they either are
purchasing the car for the look (luxury, to stand out, and name brand) or they are purchasing the
car for means of transportation (simply getting from point A to point B, in their own car safely).
Age groups are important in this age group because car dealers must find out who is buying (or
at least wants to buy) what and what will encourage buyers to purchase vehicles. Each survey
will also ask how much the consumer makes; this is to find out the budget of the consumer, and

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Survey Paper 3
to see what car they are likely to purchase. Consumers all have different taste, but if the survey
can get enough responses auto manufacturers should be able to know what car features are
important to consumers and what features are not as important. For example, out of a 1000
survey out and 900 are returned filled out then we are getting an accurate reading on what car
buyers are looking for.
Each question will reveal something that is relevant to the car buying experience and
what is likely to draw customers in or back to purchase vehicles. Questions such as: How would
you rate your car buying experience from your latest car purchase? Please rate the importance of
each car feature from 1 to 4, How would you rate the value of having a new car? What is your
age range? And what is your income range? These types of questions will identify the level of
satisfaction (measurement) that customers are with each respective product or service.
As long as consumers answer honestly car manufacturers and dealers will be able to
benefit from this survey, because they will get to know what it is that car buyers want and don’t
want. When conducting the survey the researcher can expect some surveys that are submitted to
be dishonest, but for the most part consumers will answer honestly. When making a survey the
researcher must be careful not to ask offensive (unnecessary) questions that may be unethical.
For instance, the survey that has been conducted regarding car sales, questions should ask, “what
is your zodiac sign, and if you are gay or straight?” Questions such as that are irrelevant,
unnecessary, and serve no real purpose to the task of the survey which is to generate solutions in
increasing car sales.
Surveys can benefit researchers if the survey addresses the problem that requires the
solution (and/or opinions of the consumers in this case). The survey questions are to help
increasing car sales in the auto industry. All of the questions that have been asked in the survey

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