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Managing Diverse Workforce

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Managing Diverse Workforce Name: Institution: Date Managing a Diverse Workforce Challenges of Leading a Diverse Workforce • Enhancement and capitalization of equality poses a great organizational problem. • Negativity and individual beliefs can hinder organizational diversification. • Inferiority complex from some cultural peers. • Diverse understanding of expert behaviour. • Misjudgment of professional interactions based on languages and dialect. • Due to preference and negative generalization of social classes, there is a problem of multicultural integration (Zaki, Karim, and Khan, 2019). Company Overview • I chose Johnson & Johnson, a holding firm established on 10th November 1887. • The company thrives on innovation, production and distribution of a wide range of healthcare products in the field of medicinal services. • The company operates through pharmaceutical, consumer and medical devices. • Its vital aim is items attached with the prosperity and wellbeing of human. • It has childcare class which deals with JOHNSON’S line of items, Oral consideration class that offers Listerine products and a range of beauty products consisting of CLEAN and CLEAR, AVEENO, DABAO and many more. Assessing Practices for Supporting Diversity • The company provides compensation packages that consider a diverse workforce. • Diversity Training – every staff member is involved in the training process. it encompasses sessions that educate the staff on the i ...
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