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RES 341 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Data Collection Paper

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Data Collection Paper 1
Data Collection Paper

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Data Collection Paper 2
Data Collection Paper
After careful analysis of the data sets provided, the topic of choice that is imperative to
research is the Wages of 2005 spreadsheet. There are three prime subjects of interest that define
the influential components of the research process. With the extensive review of the literature
that comes with the research process, data then becomes easier to understand. Sampling design
allows for the definition of the population from which the samples originate from. There will be
an elaboration on how the sample size is appropriate for given research topics. The identification
of possible sources of bias or error that could occur when sampling on account to its validity and
reliability is vital to understanding data researching. Data collection is the essence of data
researching, and as such it must be displayed in both tabular and graphical formats. Overall, the
purpose of this research process paper is to identify some primary data collection methods that
could be used to collect data.
The Minimum Wage Issues to Consider
Review of Literature
A new movement is growing throughout the United States: a movement for living wages.
Minimum wages laws have been in existence in the U.S., since 1912. Over years there has been
a debate over the impact of minimum wages in the U.S. A decline in wages has taken a toll on
America given that the annual income of a minimum wage earner is still substantially below the
poverty guidelines. Asking the question of whom and how an individual can benefit from an
increase in wages would be the first step in resolving the many issues in America. Many people
in society would benefit from a wage increase on a regular basis. As of 2008, 7.3 million
families in the United States live in poverty, and more than 65% of these families include one or
more members who work at jobs (Pollin, 2008) . To decrease poverty in America, a need for

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Data Collection Paper 3
accurate information is vital at this point. This article relates to the 2005 Wages data set because
an issue is at hand with minimum wages. The specific information in the article shows that there
are factors contributing to wages increasing and decreasing.
Sampling Design
The Wages and Wage Earners Data Set contained data gathered by assessing 100
participants. The sample consisted of the following information: 1) average wage of each
participant was $30,000 annually and the average age was 39 years or older, 3) average industry
the participants worked in were not located in the manufacturing and construction sections, 4)
average years of education for each participant was 10 or more, 5) most participants were
Southern residents, 6) the demographics of the participants were primarily Non-White, Hispanic,
Non-Female and Married, 7) the average years of experience was 20, and 8) most participants
were Non-Union.
Although more data should have been collected from participants with fewer years of
experience and Union participants, the sample size was suitable for this research topic. On
occasion, selecting less than the total population is an advantage for researchers because better
quality control can be obtained, but for this type of information, a low response rate may lower
the quality of the sample, or even make the study invalid, if the persons who responded are
different in important ways from those who did not respond. Thus, in evaluating research it is
important to know the response rate and to know whether the responders were similar to non-
The research that was done for the wages 2005, it has several bias (errors) that could
occur when sampling (validity and reliability). When conducting this survey on how much
workers made from different demographics, there are several biases such as: the industry

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