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CJ416 Battered Women Refuse to leave lovers discussion post

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In your opinion, why do you think battered women or men are afraid to leave their abusive
Most of us would like to think that our significant others would, and are willing to protect
us in any and all circumstances; it is the implied belief when we are in intimate relationships. For
women and men that suffer from abusive relationships we need to thoroughly understand that
spousal abuse is not explicitly physical violence. Though physical violence can leave physical
blemishing on the victims of such circumstances, I would argue that psychological scarring by
way of spousal abuse is more damaging than physical abuses.
Though men and women alike are risk being the victims of spousal abuse, it is more often
the men that are more apt to leave an abusive spouse than a woman leaving her abusive husband.
Research has shown that when people are in love and there are strong bonds of fondness between
mother and child, friends, husbands and wives, and boyfriends and girlfriends, there is a
significant fluctuation in the production of a neurochemical called Oxytocin which is noted to be
“highly addictive and more addictive than heroin.” (Backman, 2011) With this information we
can logically deduct that if this particular neurochemical is a result of a strong bond between
intimate and loving partners, there is undoubtedly very little that can be done to reverse the
From a scientific point of view, I would venture to say that the addiction to this particular
neurochemical is one that can easily be desired and as a result, abusive partners are most
typically noted to be abusive whether it be physically or emotionally and then quickly thereafter
beg for forgiveness which inherently will promote the feelings of love to be reignited. I think that
with such a difficult question of why victims choose to stay with their abusive partners, this
particular addiction is the backbone of refusing to leave because they think it will change and
they must love them because they ask for forgiveness and say they are sorry after the episodes of
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14, 2013, from Cafephilos:

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