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Interethnic relations and local politics

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ACADEMIA Letters Interethnic Relations and Local Politics in an American Town Briana Nichols, Stanton Wortham, Katherine Clonan-Roy, Catherine Rhodes This paper describes a Black resident and a Mexican resident running against each other for a seat in town government. We explore how histories of migration and complex interethnic relations influenced local politics, establishing some community members as "native" and positioning others as unable to provide authentic representation. The town, which we call "Marshall," became home to thousands of Mexican migrants between 1995 and 2016. In our project, we trace the historical development of the town, describing how long-standing residents interacted with Mexican migrants over the first two decades of the immigrant community (Wortham, Nichols, Roy & Rhodes, Migration Narratives, Bloomsbury, 2020). During this town council campaign, research team members spent over fifty hours attending events and interviewing candidates, campaign personnel, and the family of one candidate, Edwin Martínez. Edwin's story illustrates the complicated relations among Black, White, and Mexican residents in town. We argue that the political resistance Mexica ...
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