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RES 341 Week 5 Assignment Memo




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University of Phoenix

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TO: Stakeholders
FROM: Research Project Manager
DATE: December 21, 2009
SUBJECT: Final Conclusions
In accordance to the statistical information abstracted from the research that was provided in the
simulation the attempt to base all decisions off of the information was critical to get best possible
conclusions (results). The evidence provided is conclusive in terms of directing one’s decision making
towards the decision to choose to enhance the poising machine. A poising machine is used to poise the
balance wheel; poising is important as it determines the accuracy of the movement in various positions.
When the results came back from the investors, everyone was excited to know that the investors also
felt that the choice to upgrade the poising machine was genius and they would gladly invest in the
The poising machine is another function of building watches that is important. The Posing machine will
benefit the watch industry in the following ways: the movement holder holds the base plate which will
allow smaller instruments that allows the watch to stay intact while the rest of the movement can be
assembled onto it. The movement holders are wound in and out by a screw thread running between 2
steel plates, that have customized holders for each caliber. The base plate fits into the holder fully and
can be inverted for work to be carried out on the dial side securely, thus improving the accuracy of the
movement in different positions.
The third item to receive an investment was the timing machine. The timing machine is an indispensible
tool for watchmakers. It helps test movements performance. It is used as a diagnostic tool while
assembling the movement, as well as final time regulation tool. When the machine is up-to-date it can
give the latest information computerized at a daily rate, the beat error, and the amplitude on an LCD
screen. Upgrading this machine will help the machines control the accuracy of the watch while
assembling it.
With the responses that the company received from the investors (simulation), the company (research
team) strongly believes that the best possible choices were chosen by investing into: upgrading Poising
Machines, upgrading Timing Machines, and Buy Customized Movement Holders. The decisions that
were made were based off of the information provided by the simulation (so I did in fact take the advice
of my investors).

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