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Physiology of accessory organs in digestive system

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DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ACCESSORY ORGANS • ACCESSORY ORGANS LIVER GALL BLADDER PANCREAS LIVER LIVER • Hepatocytes Are liver cells • Adjust circulating levels of nutrients(Through selective absorption and secretion) • As blood flows through sinusoids • Hepatocytes absorb solutes from plasma • And secrete materials such as plasma proteins LIVER FUNCTION The Physiology of the Liver 1. Metabolic regulation 2. Hematological regulation 3. Bile production LIVER FUNCTION: METABOLIC REGULATION • The liver regulates: 1. Composition of circulating blood 2. Nutrient metabolism (carbohydrate, lipid & amino acid) 3. Waste product removal 4. Vitamin Storage (A, D, E & K) 5. Nutrient storage (iron) 6. Drug inactivation LIVER FUNCTION: • Composition of Circulating Blood • All blood leaving absorptive surfaces of digestive tract • Enters hepatic portal system • Flows into the liver • Liver cells extract nutrients or toxins from blood • Before they reach systemic circulation through hepatic veins • Liver removes and stores excess nutrients • Corrects nutrient deficiencies by mobilizing stored reserves or performing synthetic activities LIVER FUNCTION: HEMATOLOGICAL REGULATION • Largest blood reservoir in the body • Receives 25% of cardiac output • Functions of Hematological Regulation 1. Phagocytosis and antigen presentation 2. Synthesis of plasma proteins 3. Removal of circulating hormones 4. Removal of antibodies 5. Removal or storage of toxin ...
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