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Major Depression and Medication - Mock Interview




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Major Depression and Medication
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Mock Interview
Sandra is an 18-year-old American high school scholar with a European descent referred
for treatment that manages depression symptoms while addressing the complications that have
arose in her different relationships. With this regard, the clinical setting for the mock interview is
set well to ensure that she is comfortable enough. First, consent is attained from her foster
mother. A pseudonym has been used to ensure that the process is characterized by confidentiality
as an ethical consideration. Sandra admits that she of moderate intelligence in her schoolwork,
and is a socially pleasant person. She has resided with her foster mother as well as many siblings,
none of whom are related to Sandra. They include two biological children of her foster mother
and two other foster children.
Presenting Complaints
Sandra’s moods have several variations during the interview. She shows intense sadness
sometimes, which is characterized with pain from the experiences she has gone through,
especially being a teenage. Sometimes she seems to be happy, although this only lasts for a short
time as she becomes overwhelmed with emotion the next moment. She reports that over time,
her symptoms have become worse especially during the few months before making a decision to
seek treatment. She outlined that positive relations between her and her foster mother kept on
decreasing. This made her frustrated, particularly with the constrictions that were set for her in
the home surroundings. The negative relations frequency had apparently progressed from
roughly once in a month to several times each week. Her initial stated objectives upon making a
decision to get treatment are to decrease the depression symptoms, while enhancing positive
relations with the foster mother. The situation at home has gradually affected her relations with

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her friends and other members of the community, which makes it harder for her to manage the
The Patient’s History
To create an appropriate formal treatment plan for Sandra, there needs to be a good
outline of her history. Sandra points out that as a child, she lived in an extremely impoverished
home background where, she occasionally witnessed and experienced domestic violence. This
occurred involving her biological parents, leading to her physical and emotional neglect. The
character of the physical and emotional neglect was typified by lack of medical care, parental
supervision, and basic needs involving food. This led her to being separated from her biological
parents and being placed under foster care. Sandra has now been living with her foster mother
for about 4 years prior to seeking treatment. While their relationship was historically good, it has
currently depreciated. These relationship issues corresponded, partially, with the decision of the
foster mother to become largely more dynamic in her job in a community charitable
Owing to the job responsibility, Sandra frequently was expected to aid with volunteer
endeavors, to take care of the other children for longer durations, while carrying out many novel
household chores besides her normal responsibilities. Her psychiatric and medical histories were
not remarkable. Due to the unavailability of her biological parents, there was limitation in
acquiring her family and developmental history. However, with regard to symptoms experienced
by Sandra, her medical history indicates the presence of depressed moods, which are
characterized by hopelessness, feeling down, emptiness and sadness. These moods keep on
varying from one to another, causing Sandra to be irritable. While she does not have the time to
take part in recreational activities with her friends at schools, she has gradually lost interest of

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