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anguage shift loss death maintenance

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Language shift • A language shift happens when a community uses less and less of its own vernacular and adopts a new language in many domains. • When the process is completed, and there is no more --anywhere in the world--native speakers of the minority language, then it is said that language death has taken place. • it happens when the language of the wider society (majority)displaces the minority mother tongue language over time in migrant communities or in communities under military occupation. Therefore when language shift occurs, it shifts most of the time towards the language of the dominant group, and the result could be the eradication of the local language Factors for language shift • Social, Economic and political Factor • 1-The dominant language is associated with social status and prestige • 2-Obtaining work is the obvious economic reason for learning another language • 3-The pressure of institutional domains such as schools and the media Economic factor • main factor leading towards language shift from one language to another language, in which the most obvious factor is that the community sees an important reason for learning the second language is economic (Holmes,1992). • Job seekers see the importance of learning a new language which is widely used in business so they shift their language. Political factors • Political factors play a role in language shift in multicultural country . The authority usually chooses one language as t ...
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