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In your opinion, who is more likely to become the victim of a violent crime: 1) The business profess

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CJ416 (Victimology) Week 1 Discussion(s)
Question B
In your opinion, who is more likely to become the victim of a violent crime: 1) The business
professional; 2) The college student; 3) Someone with little ties to the community; or 4) a
prostitute? Support your position.
2A: This question, in my opinion, does not have a wrong answer as it is possible for all four of
these types of individuals to become victims of violent crimes; allow me to elaborate.
With white-collar crime notably on the rise, and predetermined to continue rising with the
extensive, and intricacy’s available by way of technology, white-collar crimes are sure to
significantly affect the business professionals in years to come. If I am remembering correctly,
white-collar crimes typically do not involve violence but more likely crimes of embezzlement,
fraud, and the like. With this understanding, as it pertains to the question, though white-collar
crimes are sure to rise over the course of the next few years, business professionals will
undoubtedly fall victim, but not in a violent capacity.
Secondly we have the college student; this particular group of individuals is, in this day
and age, compromised of older student’s returning to school, and many of which are online
schools, thus resulting in the chances of violence less than plausible. However, students of
younger ages that are attending Universities are unfortunately more likely than a business
professional to experience violent crimes by way of drugging’s, possibly rape, abduction, and the
most recent fears instilled of school shootings. Though college students are less likely to become
the number one victims of violent crimes of the list provided, in my opinion, they are more likely
than business professionals to fall victim of such crimes.
Thirdly, someone with little ties to the community could either run a serious risk of
falling victim to violent crimes, or they could very much evade such tragedy. For example, a
person with little ties to the community might inadvertently become an introvert, meaning they
keep mainly to themselves and interact with the community on a “need to basis”; this type of
lifestyle carries the benefit of eluding perpetrators’ with a low profile and will likely go
unnoticed, thus resulting in their not becoming a victim. While this is a possibility, there is also a
possibility that people with introvert type lifestyles might be singly tracked by a violent
individual with the understanding that nobody would notice if they were gone.
Lastly, prostitutes, in my opinion, run the highest risk above all the provided groups, of
falling victim to violent crimes. Prostitution in most states is illegal, thus resulting in the
individual’s practicing this activity in such a way that will go to all lengths to remain undetected
by officials. With the goal of solicitation while avoiding detection by police is the ultimate goal

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for most prostitutes’ and their ‘clients’, this is sure to increase the likelihood of falling victim to
violent crimes.
Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer was a predator of prostitutes and escort’s and was
suspected of killing over 90 women. This type of profession allows for strangers with varying
mental capacities to be openly welcomed into a supremely intimate situation which is sure to
also open the doors to many types of violent crimes being committed as a result of such activity.
In short, I feel that prostitutes’ run the overall highest risk of falling victim to violent crimes
simply because of the discrete solicitation, and the even more discreet areas in which such acts
are carried out.

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