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PSY 202 - Week 1 - DQ 1




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Humans have a tendency to create relationships and be part of groups. Groups can influence individual behaviors,
values, and goals. Experiences within these groups, along with our individual experiences, prepare us for decision
making and learning.
Identify and describe at least three (3) groups that you are or have been in association with and how these
experiences have helped you develop as an adult.
How will your life experiences prove to be beneficial as you begin your degree program? (Group
memberships can include but are not limited to clubs, athletic organizations, religious organizations, schools,
family, cultures, and ethnicity.)
As we know, not all of our life experiences are positive. How can you overcome the negative influences in
your life and focus on the positive ones to achieve success in your current stage of life?
Note: It may be helpful to create a heading for each of the items and then complete the information under each
heading. This helps the reader quickly identify your responses and helps you know that you covered all of the
requirements for this post.
Your initial response to this discussion question is due by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least two of your
classmates’ posts by Monday, Day 7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of
three posts for this discussion.)
Three groups that I have been involved in are: The Coffee Club, Bible Study, Emotions Anonymous
The Coffee Club was a small group of high society very wealthy women that live in Santa Cruz, and for
some reason they invited me to join, even though I only worked for them. They treated me with love and
respect and were not at all judgemental, I remember how valuable it made me feel to be a part of
something. We would meet every wednesday morning for coffee and discuss how our week was going
and what our plans were. We were building relationships through this group, and I recognized the
importance of real communication. Looking back years later I know that that Coffee Club has made an
impact on the career path that I have chosen, it's almost as if it has chosen me. I started a Coffee Shop
not long after that and just recently started importing Coffee Beans. I am pursuing a degree in
International Business, and I belive that this group has been very influencial and useful and helped point
me towards this degree.
By far the most influential group that I joined was a Bible Study with some of the local leaders in my
community. The things I learned and heard while we studied scripture is essential to changing my belief
system and helped me to get healthier. I began to believe in myself again, and I recognized that a degree
was not impossible, it helped me in all area's and did ultimately help me determine my destiny and career
path, which has led to this degree.
I joined an Emotions Anonymous group a few years ago, because I was supporting a friend when I
recognized my own need to work on my passive aggressive behavior, and to develop a healthy pattern for
my emotions. I learned the importance of being curtios yet assertive, and I am so glad that I learned how
to manage my unhealthy emotions. I believe that this will help me in all areas of my life and definitely with
this degree.
Not all of my experiences have been positive, I did not grow up in a positive enviroment, but I do
recognize a way that I can view the glass half full reguardless of my circumstances. I have learned to
think and act positive, and to talk and work through negative influence, thoughts, words, and actions, and
to counter attack them with a positive.

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