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Cyber Security Surveillance State

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Computer Science
Lahore University of Management Sciences
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Cyber security surveillance state' Introduction  The Internet enables people to connect anywhere. However, for some states, this connectivity is viewed as a threat. Many states now use different forms of electronic tracking to surveil terrorists and criminals.  Nonetheless, as governments monitor criminals, they also capture and store law abiding citizen’s information.  In some states, like China, this surveillance is open. However, in others like the UK and USA, the degree of civilian monitoring was hidden and only became evident after the revealing of the PRISM spying program.  With the information in public domain, the main public concern becomes privacy, and whether it citizen’s data are safe. Surveillance Concerns The term “state and surveillance” hardly goes in line with recent establishments in security-surveillance networks after the 9/11 and the development of platforms that produce booming data resources. New relationships generally mean that the once-distinct private and public entities now merge. State works closely with research groups and businesses, and there is a sense in which technological systems take part, especially as machine learning and AI become more critical. Such developments alter conventional modes of technological and scientific practice, as well as the time-honored approaches to security and policing.  Today, large amounts of data are siphoned into systems that combine, analyze, and store them to create trend ...
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