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2 Learn Academy 1-Normal human blood: a) ls composed of45°% plasma and 55% blood cells. b) Serum is the part of the plasma left after blood clotting. C) Plasma albumin concentration is less than globulin concentration In normal conditions. d) α-albumin can be made in liver and lymphatic tissue 2- in normal blood: a) The plasma protein level is 20mg %. b) Hb contents is about 14-16 gm%. c) Platelets number is less than neutrophil. d)The RBCS are biconvex discs under normal physiological conditions. 3- Human plasma albumin (choose incorrect statement): a) Is freely excreted in urine. b) Makes a greater contribution to the colloidal osmotic pressure. c) Behaves as an anion. d) Is involved in carriage of carbon dioxide in the blood. 4- All about plasma protein are true except: a) Amount is 7g/100 ml plasma b) Share in production of blood viscosity c) Are formed only in liver. d) Can be used by the tissues for their protein metabolism. DR. NOHA ABED 01069009712 3 Learn Academy 5-All are true about function of blood except: a) Homeostasis. b) Hemostasis. c) Adjustment of body temperature. d) Adjustment of skin pigment. 6- All are true about normal plasma except: a) Globulins are formed only in the liver. b) Gamma globulins are the carrier for antibodies. c) Fibrinogen is responsible for blood viscosity. d) The amount of albumin is greater than globulin. 7- Plasma proteins: a) Are formed in bone marrow. b) Are separated by ultracentrifugation and electrophoresis. ...
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