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PSY 202 - Week 4 - DQ 3




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Read the scenarios below and answer the following questions.
Scenario 1
Arthur is a busy man, juggling his family, work, and course work for a Criminal Justice degree. While working as a
security guard, he learns that a coworker is also taking online classes in criminal justice. After a long night of work,
Arthur remembers he still has to complete his discussion posts that evening in order to meet the deadline. He tells his
friend about being tired and not wanting to go home and do school work. The friend offers to email Arthur the notes
and discussion posts that he used when he took the same course about three months ago. Arthur thinks his friend’s
posts sounds better than what he could write on his own. He is not sure if it is right to copy his friend's work, so he
decides to change the wording a little bit. He copies and pastes this into his discussion forum, logs off his computer,
and settles on the couch to watch television.
Scenario 2
Michael is a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan for 12 months. While on deployment, he is able to take online
courses toward a Political Science degree. One night, after coming back from patrol, Michael remembers that he has
to submit his discussion post. The tent with the Internet connection is far away from his quarters and the time it will
take to get there, write the post, and come back will cut into some much needed sleep. Michael knows from his
reading that the post is very similar to one he wrote few classes back. Michael, who cares deeply about acting with
honor, does not think that this would be dishonest because the work was all his own and for the same university.
Michael decides to copy his post from the previous course and reuse it for his current one, making very few
Are Arthur and Michael in compliance with Ashford University's Honor Code? Discuss each situation.
Was Arthur’s friend breaching the Ashford University Honor Code and why?
What should each of these individuals have done instead?
Is it acceptable to reuse the exact same work you submitted to a previous class without obtaining the
permission of the instructor? Why or why not?
Your initial response should be 150-200 words in length and is due by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least two of
your classmates’ posts by Monday, Day 7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a
minimum of three posts for this discussion.)
I do not believe neither Arthur nor Michael is in compliance with Ashford University’s
Honor Code. Arthur is just completely cheating by using someone else’s
work. Everyone runs low on steam and feels like they cannot complete all their tasks at
times. Even with Arthur changing up wording it is still just using someone else’s work. It
is wrong. Michael is not copying anyone’s work, but it is not an original post he is
offering. It is work he has used previously in another course. It is hard to be in a
situation where you work all day and have to do an assignment afterwards, but time
management is ideal in these times.
Arthurs friend is also in breach of the honor code. He is offering his own work to
allow someone to cheat from. He knows as well as Arthur does that is not fair for
anyone. It hurts them academically and it is not fair to the class either.

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Arthur and Michael should have both tried to manage their time a little better and
worked on their work a little at a time to ensure that they had plenty time to get it done.
Now that they are running short on time they need to contact their professors and see if
they can request an extension to have more time to complete their work.
It is never acceptable to reuse work from one class to another. If there are small
things from one class that would be of use in another asking your professor if it is alright
to reuse can be done and it is up to the discretion of the professor whether or not it is ok
to do so.

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