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About Tesla

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About Tesla NAME INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION What is the company (Tesla)? What is there mission? Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy Founded in 2003 The company’s objective is to prove the superiority of electric vehicles compared to gasoline cars. Tesla builds all-electric vehicles as well as clean energy generation and storage products. The company’s belief is that the faster fossil fuels are eliminated in the world, the faster the world can achieve zero-emission (About Tesla: Tesla. n.d.). Comparison/ trends of Tesla? price? Affordability? How is it rated? Compare to Toyota and BMW? When comparing BMW, Tesla, and Toyota, Toyota produces the most vehicles Tesla is a disruptive innovator while companies like Toyota are competitors who aim to sustain innovation. Compared to companies like Toyota and BMW, Tesla spends $0 in marketing and does not produce for mass markets. Tesla’s Model S while comparable to the sedan is faster, roomier, quieter, and offers an interface and connectivity. Entry model Tesla S is at $35,000 are cheaper compared to the BMW 330i which retails at $40,750. Perks of owning a Tesla- what it offers because you’re going green? The Tesla entry level model is the first model slated for mass production. The model offers 215 miles per charge, autopilot, and pay-per-use supercharging capabilities. A tesla is emission free since it is an electric car. Tesla’s are cheap to refill since consumers can use ...
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