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PSY202 Week 1 DQ2.




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What does academic integrity mean to you?
To me academic integrity means doing my work for myself to the best of my ability. Having respect for other
peoples work as well as my own, and having a commitment to honesty. I also believe that academic integrity means
I should expect honesty, truth, and respect out of my teachers.
Why do you think it is important for a university to maintain high standards when it comes to academic integrity?
Maintaining high standards is very important because without standards a domino effect would occur. As a student,
I’m paying a lot of money for a good education, I’m looking to be challenged, not just given a good grade.
Would you want to attend a university that did not have these standards? Explain?
If I found out a university didn’t abide by academic integrity, I would absolutely not go or continue to go there.
Paying to go to school, I expect to be given a good education, challenged, and pushed past the point of my comfort
level. I want to be expected to have all original work and make that work the best I can. If I put all my energy into
my own work to get a good grade and a university allowed any nonsense in, whether it be subpar work or
plagiarized, I would most definitely find another college to get an education from.

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