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Psy 202 week 2 DQ1.




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There have been many rings or systems of influence in my life, two that are very distinct is my
family and the military and with my experience I have developed my own theory on Nature vs.
Nurture. Growing up in a very negative environment with no social standing played a large role
in how I wanted to be as an adult. It made me want to strive to be more than a statistic.
Phebe Horschel Theory- Nature (our genetic make-up) is activated by nurture (our
environment). As nurture changes from negative influences to positive influences it activates
different parts of our Nature (genetic make-up). We all have positive and negative make-up.
One of my negative influences was my father never around during my childhood, so I had a since
of abandonment and a crucial piece of my life missing. My mother had very little education, but
did everything she had to do to keep all six of us feed and well clothed. My genetic make-up, I
believe is that I would not be a good father. Once I had my first son (at the age of 15) it made
me grow up early and promise myself that I would be there for my son and be a better father then
he was. Once I joined the Marine Corps and started to invest money, I wanted to repay my
mother for all of the hard work she did in my childhood. I now send here $1500 a month to
show my gratitude for all the love and being a great mother/father.
Adult Development & Life Assessment by Gary A. Witt and Ronald Mossler Chapter 2.8, 1976

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