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Psy 315 Wk 1 DQ 2




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Wk 1 DQ 2
What types of ethical issues arise when conducting research?
The role that ethics plays in research is sometimes a tough role to play. According to
HighBeam research (2011), "research in the social sciences, by its very nature, requires
researchers to manipulate and control key aspects of the social setting so as to determine what
effect, if any, these manipulations have on the people in that setting" (Ethics in research, para.
1). Many questions have been raised as to what rights a researcher has on their subjects (both
humans and animals) does a researcher have the right to conduct research experiments on a
human or an animal? What experiments are acceptable to perform on a human or an animal?
In Watson's experiment on conditioning of phobic responses. He conducted a study on an
infant by the name of Albert B. Albert. During Albert's first test, he showed no fear when he
was presented with many different things (one of the items being a rat). But he was afraid of
loud noises. Because he was afraid of loud noises, Watson and Rayner would use loud noises
to produce fear in Albert when he was presented with a rat. According to Goodwin (2208),
"The baby's behavior of reaching for the rat resulted in the immediate consequence of the
loud noise" After some time, when Albert would see the rat, his immediate response was fear.
Albert also showed fears when Watson was near him.
In the United States, The Institutional Review Board established a well-defined set of ethics
for conducting research on humans because unfortunately, there are depraved individuals in
medicine that will push the boundaries of research for their own depraved satisfaction rather
than in honor of the Hippocratic Oath on which modern medicine is based.

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HighBeam Research. (2011). Encyclopedia entry: ethics in research experimentation.
Goodwin, C.J. (2008). A History of Modern Psychology (3rd ed.). Hoboken, New Jersey:

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